Enemy landmark cannot be destroyed completely

I am playing Skirmish 2v2 with AI and I keep destroying all the landmarks, more than 10 landmarks I have destroyed and yet it keeps coming back, and all have the last life point that doesn’t seem to be able to end it.

Is it a bug? Please look into it.

Did you select landmark victory when you created the game…?

Yes. I select landmark vistory.

I have the same issue in my singleplayer game - it started after i bought The Sultans Accend pack :frowning:
Spend multiple hours trying to win 1 v 7, but cant win now cuz i cant destroy their landmarks.

I also have issues with towns having 1 hp left. I destroyed everything that the enemy have. Buildings, Population, Ressources. Nothing is left, except 1 hp on some landmarks and towns.