Enemy trebs have 100% accuracy and ballistics vs bombard cannons

Game Version: 101.101.34793.0 4597979

  • Platform Steam


Enemy trebs hitting bombard cannons with 100% all game long even when Cannons move a lot after the trebs have already fired seemingly making the projectiles change aim in mid air and still hit the cannons.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Make trebs (maybe only works with Bulgarians)
  2. Make Bombard Cannons and walk in range of trebs
  3. Try to move away from the treb fire with cannons

Here is a video of exactly what happened in game. Look at how much the cannons have changed positions after the trebs fired and they still both died. This happened once again later during the game but this one is better because its a double shot the other one is only 1 bombard cannon.

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Here is a link from Imgur too just incase the vimeo isnt working


This is interesting. Can you try in the editor? I have noticed good trebuchet shots back when i played, but discarded as coincidence or luck.

These cannons moved out and then back in their initial position, nothing surprising to see they got hit. Also, Trebs are pretty inaccurate, which can make it look like they were able to predict the movements of a BBC like they had ballistics. It’s just a lucky shot.