England food bonus need to be changed to wood bonus

In the perspective of england faction play style, decreasing cost of farm and giving additional harvest rate does not help the play style of england.

The unique unit of england is longbowman, and it need cost of 40 food and 50 woods, which mostly need high demand of woods, and the english faction trait which gives additional benefit to farming gives no merit to the playstyle for longbowman. and another unique units like trebuchets. which need 500 wood and 250 gold.

What I suggest is instead of giving farm related advantage to english, we need wood economic advantage for england.

things like these researched for free as ages progress

or another wood advantages who have creative ideas please comment.

Nope, the unique unit of English is useless past the Feudal age. A bonus to support a crappy unit isn’t good


English farming efficiency has a bonus ,other civilizations must use more villagers to achieve the efficiency of English farming, so English can use more villagers to cut wood. Farming lovers like English, such as me, hey!


Sell thy excess food at yon’market; buy thee wood there as well.

The market won’t even out an inefficiency in worker allocation between food and wood, but it can help once in a while to give you the extra wood you need.


Isn’t a decreased farm price a wood bonus?


Except for when you get golden farms, that efficiency bonus is useless, because you want to overbuild farms anyway. In fact, you can just ignore the farming upgrades, and you will still be farming far more food than you could ever spend… So English just ends up having absurd amounts of food that they can’t spend or sell.

Well, it’s certainly useless in imperial, when they cost wood, your most valuable resource. They go from being a great trash unit, to being a very expensive and much trashier unit.

The exchange rate tanks very quickly, and then it’s not worth your time holding down a button trying to sell all your excess food. For early game, you could just ignore farming upgrades and not overbuild farms in order to not float resources… in late game, you’re just going to have massive excess food, because you’re overbuilding for gold.

Basically, English farm bonus and longbow both work well early game, but are rendered useless late game.



I get where you’re coming from, but all english needs is an eco bonus landmark for abbey of kings and they’re fine

Maybe something that helps with water - since english was a seafaring civ since the bronze age

The reason farm bonus is useless is until you build farms there is actually no advantage to your eco boost.
And the timing users mostly build farm is when they are out of sheeps and berries. almost at end of age 2.
so it means there is no eco bonus till age 3.

And I agree with you that we need abbey of kings need rework to economy landmark.

I didn’t play much English, but wouldn’t make it sense to play into that bonus very early? Reduced wood cost allow for that and it transitions well into late game when the gold bonus kicks in. I think if you find a sweet spot, you can just set up your food eco early and might at some point just keep it running, as the passive and maybe the mill upgrades might be enough to scale sufficiently.

A straight bonus for wood would in the end change not much, as you also would need to play it passively everytime you don’t want to rush light units.

Well you already have a wood bonus due to the fact you need half the wood to build a farm. And with that farm you can gain gold after imperial, so you can buy wood if needed.
England is just fine the way it is.

Hey, One good idea that I would suggest is that add 50 to 150 wood to every tree. Now one tree is 150wood. And all the wood get’s chopped down very easily. And most of the maps are running out of wood.

No, there are problems. And if the devs want to make everyone as strong as the Mongols, then with the English they can start by fixing all these obvious issues first:

-Abbey of Kings is garbage
-Ribauld is the most garbage unit in the game, by a large margin, has been since beta…
-Longbow drops off late game, and building a ribauld is like burning resources, so all you currently have is +2 armour on your MAA. That’s how unique your late game army currently is.

Then you have 2 things the English have that relies on trebs actually being desirable, except that they aren’t.

-Shattering projectiles, whatever this is supposed to do, it’s not doing it.

-Wynguard. Sounds great except you need to want to build lots of trebs, which you don’t, and you don’t want to build such a mixed army either, because you’re focussing on counters, and pushing a more specific strategy and unit comp. If trebs were good the mixed army would be fine as a way of undermining the deep discount, but trebs aren’t good.

They also can’t really compete with proscouts or on water, but that’s not just an English thing.

Yeah, England isn’t “fine the way it is”

There is a reason that all the top english players refuse to play english and switch civs on water maps and hybrid maps

English has only one thing going for it - early aggression/pressure

It’s the only thing holding up the win rate

English cannot compete at all in a pure macro game, which is why Trump has been learning the hard way to stop trying to play macro games when it’s the worst civ for that.

The longbowman is not useless posfeudal, it is the siege that is strong.

They have more than just that - early aggression to do some eco damage, cheaper farms & better gather rate for a safe food supply, enclosures for late game gold from farms in imperial, better MAA, the network of castles buff for attack and defense, and 4 fantastic landmark options (Abbey and Wynguard being the bad ones), plus being able to build any unit from keeps.
This is more than enough to make them competitive in 1v1, but I agree there are far better picks for water maps or more long game, macro oriented maps. I’d love to see Abbey of Kings re-worked though - even if you wanted a healing landmark, the radius and fact you have to be out of combat make it non-functional.

Early aggression is the only thing english brings to the table

Everything else is just irrelevant, or it’s only relevant far too late

Wynguard isn’t even that bad because berkshire isn’t that great - who cares about a defensive landmark in imperial age when everything just melts to a few bombards?

Well, no Imperial landmark is going to have much value if the game played out where bombards are getting free shots on it. If the early aggression and game tempo went in English favour, then Berkshire works well to hold a front line.

Sure it’s not that OP, but it shouldn’t be the goal that every civ meets mongols, goal should be that mongols hit average civ like england.

By fine i meant that england has it’s pros and cons. It is one of the best early agression civs in feudal beside france. Once you hit castle it’s going weaker (it has to because it is so powerfull in feudal, everything else would be op af)

But it still is strong in castle/imp due to the incredible defense capability.

Everything in english is build around turtle / wonder win. You do some eco damage in feudal and then you go back into your base.

No food?
They have fields half the price and nearly working like meat.

No gold?
They gain it over time just by sitting around.

Triboke with aoe damage is useless?
Well yeah, I agree on this one, but thats just because it’s a tunning problem triboke vs bombard. If triboke would get a little buff, and bombard a little nerf, the idea that the triboke is defending the english “castle” by firing over the walls would work way better.

English also is the only civ that can outdeffend a chinese overclock bombard blob of doom with that 50% attack speed buff.

So it’s a high defensive civ around the middle of tier, which means it is fine. Everything above and below average is a problem and needs to be tuned.

Clocktower bombard has +20% range, +50% health, and -33% reload time, among other things
You’re not winning that fight even at your base with network of citadels

England doesn’t need a feudal eco bonus, they are already quite strong in feudal. Also the farm cost bonus is actually a pretty strong wood bonus as it saves you tons of wood over the game and in early castle/late feudal. England’s issue is lack of good options post-feudal age, they are probably the weakest castle/imp civ in the game right now.