English Abby into White Tower Rush is very unfun to play against right now (not OP just unfun)

With English (for understandable reasons) being the most popular civ to play since the game began, their playstyle affects other players enjoyment in a major way.

At the moment the English Abby into FC White Tower rush is very oppressive and unfun to play against. What I mean is the free King gives the English map control/ pressure for the start of the game. The English player can then use that as it’s sole unit to rush up a White Tower right in front of the opponents base. Win or lose, fighting a building and rams only kinda takes most of the fun out of a match for me.

Yes you can try to go all out in Feudal to take map control, yes you can wall up and do some preemptive towers. But it all feels so slow and seeing 20 villagers with bows rushing towards your base is always a depressing sight.

(Not to mention that it forces you to play one kind of strategy to prevent what the other player MIGHT do).

There was a reason that Mongal tower rushing has been nerfed multiple times. Because regardless of weather its effective or not, it’s not really fun to fight a building, especially if you play casually or if you want to get into the game for the first time.

I am gold 3/ plat 1 (where the majority of players are). I try to cope with it (mostly by playing Dehli). But seeing the same boring strategy again and again, can’t be good for the game.

I assume this will get changed eventually (like Mongal TC rushing was) but just want to voice my displeasure at the moment. AOE4 is still really fun over all and I am still enjoying ranked, except when I play vs English lol.

(Also I know that English win rate is pretty much 50/50. Don’t @ me lol. Again this is not about being OP, it’s about being unfun to play against).


What may seem little or unfun for you could be the opposite for someone who enjoys executing a risky all in (cheese).

And what do we do? Do we remove the cheeses from the game just because a group of players does not know how to deal well with a strategy?

The best thing to do is to learn to scout what that player is going to FC and when he sends the villagers, stop it successfully and when that cheese is less viable because the mid/low level players stop it better, you will see the strategy much less.

Scouting or not is the abysmal difference for that strategy to be oppressive or not.

We already have this thread!

The other thread seemed to be about how OP English are, this thread was meant to be about how unfun a particular strategy is to face. Happy to merge threads if people disagree.

Yes and english aren’t OP but a certain strat might be annoying to play against so this thread is fine.

Beasty is making a counter-white-tower guide for you.

It doesn’t matter if there is a way to counter or not. The point here is English is massively unfun to play against, and the large majority of commenters on the forums or reddit seem to agree with that. It’s not good for the game that the most popular civ is also unfun to play against, it will drive the player base away. This shit should be fixed and please don’t buff English ever again. There were sitting pretty at 50%, and they’re designed for newcomers. The civ design doesn’t fit with all the new possibilities that Abbey offers, because they’re already hyper defensive. Being both hyper defensive and have early map control/pressure is way too opressive.

English aren’t op?
The basically got ONE counter-civ out of 15.
And #### #### on almost all the other civs.
That one unfavourable matchup isn’t even that bad with 43.3% win.
Other civs got counters with 30/35%.