English Army Need Help!

What kind of army should I be building with the English? Other than Longbowman and Crossbow, What else? What is the strongest units I can have with them?

Anyone? Please???

I’m not anyone, but I’m someone.

While I can not say much about english themselves as I have played only 1 game with them.
But based from facing them in 8/10 games I play. And I’ve started to rack up into the 100’s of games.

And haven taken look over their units.

English has a lot of option.
Their strongest unit in the late game is definitely the Trebuchet.
As it can double as a mangonel, and you get them very cheaply with the Vynguard palace.

English MaA are also very strong with extra armor and tankyness. Mix them up with spears, and you’d have a very strong infantry army that can withstand anything melee.
Use the Longbow to support this army, as they are cheap and easy to mass, to deal with the crossbows and hang around your Mangonels/Trebuchets. As they share the same range as mangonels, its easy to bodyblock for the mangonels against any incoming charge, and using the longbowmen ability to make Palings against any incoming charge, will prevent your mangonels getting flatten by charge bonuses.

The english are solid at its core if you mix up the unit composition.
Knights can be a nice addition if you need Raiders and to apply pressure on the opponent.

While on paper the Rebalderquin should be very good.
in theory, a Composition of Rabalderquin, Longbowmen, and Trebuchets should easily break through heavy defenses and any counter attacks against your siege. Especially from Cavalry. But in practice, it seems the rebalderquin has been nerfed / they do rather weak damage compared to previous patch.
But they used to be able to easily flatten a Knight blob.

if the opponent is spamming Springalds. You can still use trebuchets if you are able to scout out the springalds, you should be easily able to counter them if you have the Shattering Projectiles upgrade for your trebs.

but I can say at least from Mongol/Abba/HRE perspective, the most difficult composition in the late game against english is a combined force of 2 man at arms to every 1 spearman., supported by equal number of Longbows, and around 8 trebuchets. There is very little any defenses can do anything about it. Trying to throw units to counter attack it is both difficult and takes painstakingly long to deal with. Their MaA are able to soak up a lot of damage, even from HRE man at arms. While their Trebs/Longbowmen deal with the Crossbowmen rather easily.
Cavalry is also problematic as the spears in the mix and good use of palings prevent any effective raids on their backline.

only thing I’ve found effective against this is to go ham with Mangonels.
But all needed from the English is a few Springalds and they shud be rather safe. Heck, good aim with ground fire with Trebuchets should be enough to deal with them even.

Another key thing with english is pushing with Towers, not necessarily tower rush the opponent, but expand outwards on the map with them. The Network of Castles bonus is just a bonus way to good to not have. And makes any range unit and siege absolutely devastating to face against with 25% faster fire rate.

Another very good unit for the English if you have strong food and gold econ is to go for Cannoneers instead. with 25% faster fire rate, they shred through any army composition and only has to beware of NoBs and Mangonels.


Every English unit are basically the best out of every other civ when buffed by network of castles/citadels. Knights with 50% more attack speed probably beat French knights for example.

My personal playstyle is to spam MAA endlessly. English have extra tanky MAA and hey also produce 50% faster, and +50% attack speed when buffed by towers, etc.

In addition, the English economy is perfect for MAA. Their 100 food, 20 gold cost is great for your abundant farms. And when you hit imperial age you also get gold from your farms. So you could go 100 farms and spam MAA endlessly.

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I am going to try that this morning