English Army Weak?

I have been messing around with the English a lot lately. I feel like most of the units seem a little weak or I’m just not upgrading the right units. Which units do you English mains produce the most of and what upgrades do you do?

English army is not weak.
Their special tech is the armor clad for men at arms, which gives them bonus +2/+2 melee and ranged armor.

Make sure to use the counter system.
Some examples:

Longbows beat spearmen
Crossbows mildly beat spearmen and destroy heavy units
Horsemen beat archers/crossbows
Knights beat archers and men at arms
Spearmen beat all cavalry
Handcannoneers beat heavy (melee) units
Mangonels beat ranged units
Springalds beat other siege units

Again, the enlish men at arms with armor clad upgrade is super tanky and can almost ignore archer, tower and tc damage.
You can very well use him to run down villagers in the enemy town, ignoring the arrow fire.

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Gonna give it a go again right now and follow this…and build more Men At Arms. Thank you!!!

Make sure you build outposts to get their attack speed bonus. It makes their army very strong.

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