English campfire

I am curious what do you guys think about the “campfire”?
To be honest, I think its completley useless and would rather have the healing option for longbows instead the campfire.

Palings for longbows are theoretical nice, but is mostly not used because it takes too long.
why so many meme features for english?

Hope for good discussion and maybe some playable ideas.
have a good game guys

While it is definitely a nerf, the Campfire opens up a lot of possibilities to mess with your opponent.

I’m not an English player so of course I won’t complain. But, from my perspective, I’d rather have the Campfire, as it seems like a different way to interact with the game. The past healing mechanic did not really feel like anything at all. This, on the other hand, allows you to set up ambushes like no one else can.

Though, to be fair, the game currently spirals out of control very quickly. It doesn’t take long before there are tens of Outposts spread across the map, at which point, why even use Campfires?

let me explain it a little bit more.

at the start its just useless, because 25 wood are good amount of ressources for a meme and its only possible if you open up with maa at dark age, otherwise you never scout with maa.

The Question is, why one of the slowest units have this and why it costs 25 wood? Does the khaan has to pay anything for the falken? I dont think so.

And the healing would be used but it got nerfed to the ground, first you could heal at fight, then only out of combat and at walls it wasnt possible too.

If I see new units like keshik with healing option, without any costs! why this wasnt possible for longbows?

its worthless and really no one use it.
give us the longbow healing back without any costs, I mean we now have vampire horsemen, so this should not a problem :wink: