English Keeps & Landmarks UI Hotkey Bug


When English (maybe other civs too?) keeps & landmark-producing buildings that require the “alternative UI” are selected together, the hotkey “Y” does not change the UI.

There may be other combinations of buildings this happens with…but I will leave that for you guys to figure out.

Ernie the earning pig

Have you tried pressing Tab until the Keep is active inside the selection?

That is not an ideal solution unfortunately. Because it is not only Tab, but also Tab + Y again…I think. My suggestion would allow for much smoother gameplay.

Solution to what? When you select multiple buildings, you only have access to the functionalities of the active one. Same with units. If the building you want is not the active one, you need to press Tab until it’s active. If pressing tab is too much of an inconvenience, you can use the Go to Keep hotkey and select the Keep directly. Not sure how this is a bug.

I just want to be able to have buildings that create the same units selected and function together - like the French School of Cavalry counts as a stable and if multiple stables + the SOC is selected, queued units will evenly distributed among each building…whereas when keeps and the White Tower are selected together they cannot produce units in this manner.