English Late Game

The English need the Culverin added to their roster for late game vs mass siege.


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I think English do need better siege for the late game. I heard that Trebuchets with their upgrade can hit other siege which is very far, however they also said it is bugged. Might want to wait until its fixed. If it is the case that their trebuchet is that strong then they won’t need any other siege.

If that’s not the case, then culverin is probably needed as other civs have a much better late game and it feels meh going lategame with English

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Yeah it’s difficult to evaluate when something doesn’t work. Would be awesome if it’s fixed with this next patch

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There should be Warwolf upgrade for English counterweight trebuchets that bring them doubled HP, extra range and anti-building attack…

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I have yet to confirm this idea. England already has the best landmarks and the best initial economy and the best base defense. If it can be strengthened in the later period, it will be unbalanced for other civilizations.

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You’re right they are very strong early but I do think they drop off too significantly going into the late game.

Specifically in their ability to counter long range siege units, which is a huge problem for them considering they’re over reliance on defense, castles and towers and such.

I think the original remedy for this was their unique trebuchet technology but that is useless as far as I can tell.

So perhaps re-work/buff that tech or add the culverin is not unreasonable.

Because of England’s strength in the early days, he should not get culverin, so that he can build towers and castles, allowing the army to enjoy up to 50% increased attack speed, and easily destroy all enemy siege weapons. It’s a nightmare.

England already has the technology to make farmland produce gold in the later stage. Because of his overwhelming advantage over other civilizations in the early stage, I think the current design is no problem. Even the current design, England can definitely rank as S or Class A civilization. Adding culverin is totally unreasonable.

Don’t structures have to have line of sight to trigger the network of castles? Artillery outranges that line of sight and buildings go down quickly, and English artillery has vanilla range, so there’s no reason for you to trigger it.

I think they can only play the Network of Castles artillery buff with the Berkshire Palace because it’s line of sight outranges bombards.

The problem is you’re letting your opponents get to late game as English. They have the best rush in the game, and its literally unstoppable by civs that lack early armor.

Its a problem for 3v3 or 4v4 when games get to imperial more often

I would be willing to sacrifice some early buffs for the culverin to be honest

Definitely seems that this is not able to be judged until the treb bug is fixed.

If they can indeed make use of the explosive projectiles effectively it would be fine and play into their kit.

Some kind of other treb tech to make trebs totally their thing could be fun too.

English late game is already pretty good.
Their eco is great because of the farming-gold-upgrade
Network of Castles provides a really good boost for military (which affects siege too btw.)

Fixing the Trebs is good. maybe it gets even better than. Anyway I don’t think it’s something that needs improvement.

Well then the rush will be nerfed, or those civs will be buffed, and we’re back here discussing the late game.
The idea that civs are specifically designed to win early or win late is just made up based on current imbalances as far as I’m concerned.

I understand some civs being a little stronger early or a little stronger later, but they should all be viable throughout the game.

Civs with bad early game call for buffs because they don’t want a bad early game.
Doesn’t matter how good their late game is.

Yeah, if your enemy is kind enough to trigger the network of castles by walking close to the tower while you are having an artillery sniper war, then your artillery will get a nice boost in rate of fire.
Alternatively they could just snipe you from a distance.

I’d like to see what effect the next patch has on everything before talking about buffing English late game, right now it seems “ok”, because of enclosures, despite their substandard artillery.

Some civs do have OP artillery though.