English lategame, need a big nerf

Free gold, 50 % attack speed behind towers, free trebuchet with splash damage. pls devs let make this civ fun, not a lame late game civ


i agree this one their splash range needs to be smaller


Just nerf enclosures and move it to the castle age. Buff their midgame a bit and nerf their late game.


yeah their turtle potential is too much

Trebs need their range reduced to 12 tiles. There is 0 counter to trebs that sit behind multiple keeps and outposts while army stands on top of them. Thats english late game. All you can do is try to push them back or go around.


Nah they should have 12 tiles period. If we were considering balance then they would have 10 tile range.

Have you ever tried to deal with 16 tile trebs with no anti siege weaponry in imperial? I have and its cancerous.

Trebs already have advantage that they can shoot over the walls, but they shouldn’t have more than 12 tile range if balance is to be considered then 10 tiles would be the right choice. Fact is that China cant even have 12 tile bombards so english having trebs that are mangonels, anti siege weaponry and 16 tiles range paired with ability to shoot over stone walls seems legit.


This is another alt account guys.

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i only agree with treb splash damage actually not the damage but it radious need to be lower , if their range reduced they will die instantly to springalds,bombards allready good against trebs other than english trebs they are fine in my opinion


You wont get anywhere near to trebs if they outrange them so heavily.

First issue is that there is either massive amount of outposts or keeps front of trebs then once you set up bombards to take anything down the trebs kill the bombards. Even if the dmg is reduced when they can sit safely 1-4 tiles away from max bombard range which brings bombards too close to keep or any other form of anti siege weaponry.

60% or 40% more range is too much.

Another thing is some civs got access to culverins while others dont. Rus and Mongol are fine in that regard because extra range for springs but China / Delhi that has to use standard springalds will always end up losing when trebs are protected and killing them with cavalry is inefficient.

Either have trebs with 0 dmg to siege units with 14 tile range or have them with 10-12 tile range. But having all siege 10-12 tile range will result certain landmarks being completely broken because no siege can kill them without dying to them.

All of these is again poorly made decision to balance things out. All the siege nerfs and reworks caused this issue and its not being acknowledged at all. I was on break for like 3-4 months and came back after some siege changes were added and typically went the norm late game comp while english sit inside his stone walls and sniped all my bombards with 10 trebs. Moment I started shooting I lost bombard and it continued till I was just fuck that shit not gonna bother. On that map it wasn’t possible to go around (Mountain pass). I just gave up and after that I have hated siege


The comment I replied to. Where is the confusion?

i didnt see the who you replied at the top right side it didnt show thats why i asked

Age 3 Trebs having 60% more range than Age4 siege and so much building damage is not reasonable. Splash trebs are even less balanced.

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BadderAnt8050 is another alt account.

The point is not to let them reach that point. if you have bombards, and an army to protect them, you shouldn’t let them build the 10 unstoppable trebs.

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Bombards get out ranged by trebs by 6 tiles which massive advantage to trebs so 10 trebs can easily keep sniping bombard moment they show up on field and keeping the number at irrelevant.

Most cost efficient siege unit is treb and english trebs are the best in game by far, because they can do everything. Not necessary best in every single area but well enough to posses huge threat.

Then if you pair trebs with the buff english gets when under outposts / keeps which gives them even more advantage and position where they can very favorably trade against cavalry thats trying to snipe trebs

Also to gold income favors english moment there is no gold left so opponent has to invest into trading which is actually good boom, but issue is that english gets food and gold at same time even tho its no where near same level as trading, its still much riskier for opponent to go for trading than english to go farms.


i watched snoopas game he was wining he entered the guys town destroying everthing and then this guy started spaming trebs(english trebs) and the game he was losing he manage to survive and those treb was so strong snoopa didnt want to deal with it anymore and quit they really need a nerf even i got frustrated by watching those trebs he couldnt even take them out with springalds it was so weird

If english has 10 trebs, you should be able to have 7 bombards, they cost the same amount of total ressources.
With 7 bombards, you can easily a-move into trebuchets which do only 50 damages to siege units while bombards do 100 + 20% if you have chemistry. So bombards can 2 shots trebuchets. The 10 trebs won’t have time to kill all the bombards.
If you have let them make big wall, keeps and stuff then that’s your fault of being too passive. We know english late game is among the strongest so you cannot let them get there.
But there is still a solution, which is being a better player, better micro your unit groups. You would then need a mix of bombards, springalds, horsemen, men-at-arms. Your bombards would need to open the wall by having enough bombards that you one-shot or two-shot the wall. Once open, you swarm with your horsemen towards the enemy springalds/trebs while men-at-arms are meatshields. Your springalds also focus trebuchets. Your bombards open the wall enough to give enough vision for springalds to shoot or they take down the keeps.
Another solution, imo, is to make a bunch of trebuchets yourself. Take down the keeps fastly with those. Micro your trebuchets so that enemy’s trebuchets don’t take down yours, which means that you move forward, shoot with the trebs, move back to avoid getting hit, repeat. Then enemy keeps go down or they repair and eventually run out of stone and keeps go down anyway. And then your bombards can go in easy against enemy trebuchets, while your springalds take down enemy’s springalds.
But honnestly, if you have let them play until the point that they made their super strong defense made of walls, keeps, trebs, … It just means that they outplayed you.

its not working like that in real match belive me those trebs will kill your army before you cant see them where are they

English is the weakest civ by far. It needs a buff, not a nerf.

in late game with those trebs they are pretty strong and their landmark in imperial pretty strong too i forgot its name that can create units they are pretty strong early too with longbow rush