English macro - any success?

Anyone have any success not doing early aggression, and focusing macro?

Everytime I have tried this, let’s say on a map like boulder bay, it just fails miserably.

It seems that the other civs get much stronger econ , so no matter how hard you try to boom - you can’t out boom their boom.

That’s just me - maybe you guys have had better luck?

One of my recent games against HRE I tried to MAA + longbow push with some rams, but by the time I had shipped my army across the water, he had a zillion MAA + castle age + naval dominance so it was just GG

What are your experiences?

English are actually good late game as well. Since they get enclosures on farms that produce gold this boosts their gold gather rate a lot once mines start running out. Enables you to produce more knights and what not. They also get cheap trebuchets using the vanguard army from the one monument

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ram rushing has been specifically nerfed, so you need to be more careful about it.

imo if you do it, it has to come slightly later and/or needs to target outlyin structures, forcing idle time and forcing them off things like gold or stone and then having to rebuild those items.

instead of being a no-brainer all in, it is rather a timed push, with a continued build up behind it.

and finally, i think tactics like ram rushing pushed players above their elo, so now when they have to face opponents who have better skill they think the game is lacking, when it is actually simply their skill that has been lacking all along and they were boosted by OP tactics…

i also think LBs allowed players to climb above their skill level since they are such a no brainer unit, especially with the camp, now that the camp has been nerfed, and soon their counters will be fixed (already the mango has been) players wont be propped up as much by an OP crutch. already ive seen people crying that LBs should have attack bonuses vs Heavy …

they are the only civ that can both FC and 2 TC boom simultaneously…

just by going FC with the TC landmark they end up with better access to the age 3 tech AND a TC to boom with, every other civ has to choose one or the other, either 2 TC or FC…

fishing is OP in the game, you HAVE to fish, if you dont you are basically letting your opponent get insane access to food while you dont… i still bet they will nerf fishing even more…

your opponent could have more than likely beaten you simply due to their fishing eco