English mastery - From the skies

Is it too hard to get this part of the mastery? Destroy 20 enemy units with Trebuchets affected by the Shattering Projectiles Technology.

Is it cumulative or you need to kill all 20 units on a same game? or on a same hit…?

I’ve tried for 3 or 4 games but I won’t get the “achievement”.

Fire up a custom skirmish and fight vs easy ai. Box them in and keep killing villagers with trebs.

I’ve tried also killing vils but maybe the amount wasn’t enough. Did you use attack ground or just normal attack (which looks impossible to get any kill 11) for that method?

I play HRE and have been unlocking their masteries. So hopefully this isn’t a bug. Like I said box them in with stone walls, line up the trebs and hit villagers and military. Just make sure not to fully kill or hinder the production of the easy ai.

Yes, I was worried it may be a bug, but I will try with your method and count each kill just to make sure. Thank you!

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I’m also having trouble with this mastery. I tried every variation and strategy that I could think of, but there is a compounding problem of trying to get kills with a trebuchet. 1.) Obviously, they’re slow…so, by the time you actually fire your shot, they’ve already moved. 2.) Trebuchets naturally have a decreased accuracy against units and 3.) Shattering Projectiles does not deal enough damage to reliably secure many kills in and of itself.

Vills will garrison/seek shelter, as soon as you start firing into a base and most units that I’ve encountered take at least two-three hits to kill with Shattering Projectile damage if you’re targeting a building with a lot of units nearby. This is assuming that they don’t move and beeline straight for your trebs after the first shot (which they most often do), at which point they either destroy your trebs or run into your protecting army, which will most often take the kill from the trebs.

I gave up on this Mastery and moved on to the French. I’ve enjoyed the Masteries so far, because I see them as another level of they game by offering these hands-on challenges to show of the unique mechanics of each civ. This Mastery in particular, however, I feel would be better suited if they included both buildings and units for completion, rather than just units or drastically reducing the required number. That would still send a player through the motions of researching this tech and seeing its effect through battle. Maybe someone that’s smarter than me will figure out a way to do this without sitting in a game for hours. As it is, this mastery is more of a chore than anything practical.

Alrighty, I finally finished this one. I had tried the box in tactic before, but it didn’t work, since I used stone walls and units cannot attack stone walls. So…I tried it again. Set the AI to Easy or Intermediate. Scout all the way around the enemy base and build PALISADES all the way around it, but make sure that you give the AI a wide berth and box in a good number of resources with it, so that it can keep pumping out units for you to kill. Then, mass up about 20 trebs and just camp outside.

It may be different for your playthrough, but I found that whenever I put a gate down on the palisade, the AI tended to prioritize attacking that over the rest of the wall. So, throw a couple of gate down, line your trebs up and have 4-5 villagers on the front line.

When it sends units out and starts attacking the gate, set your villagers to repair it to keep it from falling and then it’s like shooting fish in a barrel with your trebs. Hope this helps!


NICE! I’ll try it out!

On the topic of how to get the “From the skies” English mastery, I made a 1v1 Blackforest skirmish against the hardest AI with an Age 4 and high resources start. Basically you trick the game into a Death Match. You wall yourself in. You push back the early attacks with archers, men-at-arms, spears and knights. Then you focus on your economy for a bit. You make sure to put a lot of villagers on wood. You research all the military upgrades you may need but mostly the trebuchet upgrades at the siege workshop and the university (geometry). Then you kind of ■■■■ around with the AI and 20 trebs on the map. If you see idle scouts behind your woodlines, shoot them down. Defend against enemy waves with you trebs too. After about 40-50 minutes of gameplay you should have enough treb kills to get the mastery achievement. If the hardest AI is too intimidating for you, try the hard or intermediate AI, however they won’t produce as many units and send as many waves your way. The AI likes knights and heavy artillery so make sure to counter it. Good luck! Have fun!

Walk into their base with an army and some trebs.

leave your army in a corner just in case you need to defend your trebs.
Treb down their first TC. Wait.
They will send a few villagers to try to repair it.
Kill villagers,

damaging towers also had villagers coming to repair them after a short time.

i fpund that easier to play on island map and attack the ship

Anyone still needing some tips…

Black forest, intermediate ai, start Imp, high / very high resources.

Make longbows, defend a little.
Mass trebs and when your longbows are ready, push middle map and stone wall. Gate that wall. and wait. Have trebs deploy to that wall. AI will likely bring units to that wall.

When you have about 25 - 30 trebs you’ll kill a good group easily. Once you think you’ve killed about 20 units with your trebs, use longbows to secure the outside of their base (or just kill all longbowmen & use trebs only), corner their vills with the 30 trebs then 1 bang the TC. GG.

I did this one yesterday, and had quiet a laugh with it!

Ai hardest (so he keeps attacking you.
Pick a map to bottleneck the AI.

Go imp
Research shattering projectiles in the workshop
Build 25 trebuchets and let them defend the incoming attacks.
(Some infantry to protect them)

Build a wonder
Eat popcorn. :sunglasses:

Did anyone notice this error? It says shattering projectile tech can be researched from Keep but its available in Siege workshop.

Yep there’s a mistake in the description. As of today, it’s not been fixed yet.