English narration voice reading German text in the campaign


I experienced a strange issue: my AOE 4 is running on a Windows 10 system with de-DE language setting. AOE 4 is downloaded via the MS Store. Everything in the game is German (UI, videos, etc.). But the narrator voice during the campaign is an English voice which is reading German text. That leads to a voice over mix which isn’t understandable.

How can this be fixed?

Kind regards

yeah this has like 3 months and devs keep making flags and other stuff for multiplayer and let us to play with that bot trash accesibility.
U can check if u have narration options ON changing to english version of the game i have everything off and this annoying bot keeps speaking english, i don’t care who had this genius idea.

Yes, very annoying. Thank you for the hint with the additional narration options of the game if started with English language setting. I read already this thing here in the community. But I already tried this, and this doesn’t change anything of this behavior. :confused: