English Reskin Mod (made by Plastic Master)

Hey AOE 4 community. Wanted to show you this really incredible looking Knights and Man-at-arms reskin from Plastic Master. Made the pictures by myself so bare with me if they are not as good as it could be possible. (double click for zooming in)

What are you thinking of that. Is that sth. what could be implemented in the main game? What other units could get more realistic or exciting reskins?

Knights 3rd Age

Knights 4th Age

Man at Arms 3rd Age

Man at Arms 4th Age


looks good. They should just add this to the base game.

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I kinda only like the kinghts . And the maa in the imperial it’s just like a king . I don’t like it.

i agree with the imperial MAA. Probably he just wanted to showcase here a difference because it differs also a lot from the castle age MAA (which look pretty good with their long shield).

The knights are very nice :slight_smile: Units should much more unique for each civilization. Furthermore there should be more unique units per civilization.

Hopefully the developers will add god mods to the base game or get at least inspired from them :slight_smile:

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You nailed my thoughts!

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does anyone know how they did this? Like blender changing the base assets / is this possible with making a mod to change lots of the visuals / would you be able to create new civs and such?

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