English Strategies

I can find the videos on youtube on certain build orders and card decks but does anyone know where I can get them written out so I can print them off and practice them?

Usually, the gist is the following
Start by focusing food, ship 3 vils. You can do whatever you wish with the starting wood: tp, 2 manors, manor or market etc. I personally do TP for more shipments and prioritize xp treasures. I also chop some wood to get a manor or get a wood treasure.

2nd shipment virginia company. In transition shift all vils to wood.
As soon as VC arrives, start making your manors. Move the new villagers to food or gold.
Ship 5 vils
I personally also ship the fast house card and 700w. Others skip the fast houses and ship muskets instead. Continue until all manors are done.

Sounds overpowered and in need of balancing, and you know it. That’s not so “macro intensive” that it deserves the power it gets. I like how you just have a blind build that works wonders. That’s proof that Brits are S tier.


That’s proof you are going to lose. If you send vc and then fast houses you had better hope your opponent is asleep.

Oh yes, it is extremely greedy. A FF timing will kill you. OFC I only do it against other booming civs.
If the enemy is passive I will be even greedier and go to industrial and send the manor villager card.

I can’t see that working against anyone but dutch at my lvl and even with them it would be unlikely to succeed because they often cav rush. What level do you play at?

At my level people don’t generally rush, outside of the generic FF push or FOTM rush. These are mostly easily beaten so everybody just booms, and rarely play rush/push based civs. So if i smell someone’s not going to push i go greedy. It doesn’t work all the time but when it does it sure pays off xD

Ofc, i normally don’t recommend going fast houses after VC.

Can you give usinformation on your level ? Like Elo/rank or the AI difficulty you feel confortable against ? Some BOs are fine at low levels and useless at high level.

I guess the easiest solution would be to watch tje youtube video and write down the shipments and specific moves.

For written stuff, there are these two sites you could check:


For the first site, I meant to post this url with more strategies:


That guide has a weird twist to it.
VC is a mandatory card, you almost never want to build the manor house at full price.
Florence nightingale is rarely used in supremacy.
Church card is among the worst in the game, the musketeer/infatry HP upgrade is a noob trap. You only want it for the unit shipments and that only really works well in treaty.
Improved grenades - only when you really want to troll your opponent.
Estates really depends on the match up and whether your opponent will allow you to boom freely. Otherwise, getting more TCs is better since it also gives map control. Estates is also tied to fast industrial builds, which also nullifies the statement about fortress age 1000 resource cards

I didn’t re-check the guide, my bad. All your points are correct.

I think most british Deck BOs use 3 vills / Virgina Company / 700w / 700c / units in some order, followed by 1000w if you want 2 more TCs.

I feel that many guides for aoe 3 are prior to DE (TAD). I still read them as I expect that there are not many fundamental strategy changes. Most strategies I see there look fair, so I didnt double check the content. I edited my post as I only gave the link to 1 of the 5 british guides.

Anyways, with how “little” aoe3 content we got, the best way to get decks and BOs is to watch pro players (stream, competition) and youtube guides, and write down the BO + reactions of the opponent.

Maybe we should organize a new strategy wall somewhere. Unless there is already a place I am not aware of.

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I play brits all the time and probably use virginia company about once every ten games. It is in my deck though.

I know I’m in the minority on that though. Most mirror matches I have to deal with it.

The only times I’m likely to use that card is against dutch or spain. It works well for them. Dutch you keep up w their econ and spain to get ahead of their ff unit curve.

Well… I do not play much British, so I cannot tell how frequently people use Virgina company. All I can say is that it saves 47.25w/manor, which amount to 897.75w for 19 manors (at minute 10, so if you build manors one after each other from minute 4 when the card arrives, assuming you shipped 3vils first)

So the card is probably relevant if you want to manor boom in age2 and keep at least 3 settlers on wood just for manors. And it is also useful if you are on the backfoot and expect to lose many manors from aggression.

But if you semiFF or FF or go aggressive in age2 (so basically anything but manor boom in age 2), you will need other cards early (700w, 700g, units, 2Falcs,…) and the card is not worthbis afterward, once you already got 50+ population and are in age3 where every card is worth 1000w…

So I don’t know whether you are in the minority, but you only using VC every 10 games sounds fair to me. I guess the decision to use VC depends on the meta and the opponent…

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I would argue you need VC anyway, because you will need pop space and your houses cost a lot of wood, which diverts your resources away, you also get xp from building them to compensate for a shipment.

Thank you gang. I am trying to get better with them so I dont lose every match I play online!