Enhancement request: No mini-map feedback when moving a unit to a point on the mini-map

When you move a unit, for instance a scout, to different points of the map using the mini-map, there is no feedback from the mini-map, meaning, no circle/dot/‘X’ appears on the mini-map telling you where you are sending your unit.

It would be good if this could be enhanced, since it helps you see the orders you have given to your units


I agree, when I send my army somewhere on the map, I have no idea how they’re going to reach that point (if even, if the path is blocked) or where the point is. COH2 handles this brilliantly - you can see a thin white line with the route your unit will take on the map. Some pro players even play more on the battle map / mini map than the normal view.

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An enhancement of that kind would be great

Thank you @sergiomatiz + all. You have been heard.