Enhancing the zoom in feature

I love to play AOE4 zoomed in. I know I’m crazy. I play on a large screen and there is just something magical about getting a close-up view of things. Not to mention, and I don’t know if you know this, but the sounds get louder when you zoom in. So cool!

With that being said, I believe this feature could be greatly enhanced by making a small change.

Upon reaching the current maximum zoom, it would be ideal if the camera shifted along the Y axis and tilted on the Z axis while continuing to zoom in (probably not quite right with that description but imagine transitioning to a third-person camera). Essentially entering a pseudo third person view, increasing the line of sight. I don’t want to alarm anyone with this suggestion. I don’t want to increase the light of sight further than what would be available when fully zoomed out, but rather to be able to see the maximum amount of information available despite being zoomed in.

Tl;dr: Third person view would be sick and also good for casting. Imagine that cinematic feeling - a line of knights charging or a scout standing atop a cliff!

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Indeed, they should improve the zoom-in and zoom-out features.
The current zoom-in is not enough for me, and for competitive play, the zoomed-out camera is not really ideal for micro units.

So, allowing us to zoom in more and see units more in detail will improve the game for many casuals and others who enjoy it. It really creates a scenery for the game. It’s enjoyable to see units up close.

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Yes this is one of the main features to me. I really like to play RTS and see battles close. This Is immersion.