Entrances to climb up walls

Putting gates everywhere not only costs precious stone but It weakens your walls, this leads to very few places to climb your own walls.

And it eases the pain point of mangonels, Because I would not mind if my units could more easily spread out via multiple entrances instead of all trying to climb up a gate that’s already in the sights of the enemy

I have used enemy walls for my ranged units more often than my own walls and the same goes for my opponents as well.

I feel walls are underutilized to put units on top of them and having it easier by lower the bar of entry to use them would help. Something that doesn’t cost resources and allows only the owner and their allies to climb one side of the wall via an entrance.

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A ladder like this would be useful, which can be placed for free by selecting the part of the wall, or by building it with villagers at low cost, aoe3 already had the possibility to change the wall by selecting it, it would be useful if it could be done to create stairs, currently the stone tower that can be placed on the wall costs too much and is useless, even if with it you can get on it.


I like this idea, also the tech kinda exist already as you get a small door on the wall segment behind a stone tower.
They could just give us the option to place said small door.

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