Epic Napoleonic Scenario The Battle of Krasnoi Russia 1812

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Here is another Napoleonic Epic Battle Scenario!

Welcome Players!

This scenario is similar to the others I have published, focusing on the late game and treaty style play. However, for this time you have all the resources you need (no vils) and 200 pop space for your army with upgraded units!

It is a large-scale battle that is focused on destroying weapons caches to control the battlefield, like the last one.

You can only make a limited number of cannons, the French also have this restriction.

Keep your hero alive, you will lose if he dies.

Towards the end of the game, after you have destroyed the weapons caches, the AI will start spamming units, so just push forward to the town centre. (Make sure you have completed the other main objectives first).

This is my third published scenario. I have created a scenario that I thought I would enjoy, it’s probably not historically accurate, but hopefully, you and others will enjoy it.

To save this scenario, open the directory on the mod page, copy the file in the folder and paste it into your scenario folder in your game files.

Enjoy the Battle Players!

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