Epithets of the Sultan Ascend new Civs!

Epithets of the Sultan Ascend new Civs

Good night.

I had thought that to kill time before the new ones come out, and as entertainment we could try to guess the epithets of the new civs and civ variants. But first to clarify the doubts:

What is an epithet?

  • Epithet is a fixed word or phrase that has a characterizing function of people or things. It should be short and succinct, since it summarizes in itself an important quality of what it describes.

In the civ tech tree, or in the civ bonus summary that appears when you select a civ in a game, there are three words below the civ name and date.

While there is no official name for them (the fandom wiki treats them as "Focus"), I think they fit the description of epithets well, since just like an epithet, these three words generally describe the most important aspects in the which are based on the bonuses, game mechanics, specializations and unique characteristics of each civilization.

To give an idea, these are the epithets of current civilizations:

  • English → Defense / Longbows / Farming
  • French → Trade / Cavalry / Keeps
  • Holy Roman Empire → Infantry / Religion / Defense
  • Rus → Expansion / Cavalry / Hunting
  • Abbasid Dynasty → Technology / Camels / City Planning
  • Delhi Sultanate → Elephants / Research / Religion
  • Mongols → Aggression, Cavalry, and Nomadic
  • Chinese → Dynasties, Gunpowder and Taxes
  • Turks → Imperial Council / Military School / Siege
  • Mali → Gold Economy / Infantry / Cattle

Well, now that it’s clear how it works, I’ll start:

1.- Byzantines → Aqueducts / Mercenaries / Greek Fire
2.- Japanese → Daimyo / Infantry / Samurai
3.- Joan D’Arc → Cavalry / Heroism / Experience
4.- Ayyubid Dinasty → City Planning / Camels / Aggressive
5.- Order of the Dragon → Minimalism / Gilded / Aggressive
6.- Zu Xi Legacy → Dynasties / Research / Taxes

Let’s see who can guess the real ones when the DLC comes out, jejeje.

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I think byzantine is spot on.

I don’t think we going to see these : heroism, experience or minimalism.

And Agressive I don’t think those 2 civ are going to be considered aggressive. Zhu xi is the most agressive civ here.

Infantry/ Samourai is a bit redundant.

Zhu xi probably has a better description than Research?

Byzantines: Romans, Olives, Nest of Bees. :upside_down_face:

Your choices are really good indeed. :+1:

Japanese: Aggression, Support, Versatile

Jeanne d’Arc: Jeanne d’Arc, Jeanne d’Arc, Jeanne d’Arc :crazy_face:

Jeanne d’Arc: Heroism, Cavalry, Inspiration

Ayyubids: Camels, Flexible, City Planning

Order of the Dragon: Elite, Efficient, Expensive

Zhu Xi’s Legacy: Administration, Dynasties, Technology

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NEWS: Sultans Ascend New Civs official Epithets:

Well, it has already been confirmed what the official epithets are, or the focus of each civ:

  • 1.- Byzantines → City Planning / Mercenaries / Defense

  • 2.- Japanese → Agriculture / Bannermen / Infantry

  • 3.- Joan D’Arc → Trade / Cavalry / Hero
    → (French: Trade/ Cavalry/ Keeps)

  • 4.- Ayyubid Dinasty → Adaptable / Camels / City Plannning
    → (Abbasids: Technologies/ Camels/ City Planning)

  • 5.- Order of the Dragon → Quality / Infantry / Defense
    → (HRE: Infantry/ Religion/ Defense)

  • 6.- Zu Xi Legacy → Dynasties / Taxes / Technologies
    → (Chinese: Dynasties / Taxes / Gunpowder)

Well, I didn’t get any of them completely right. Byzantines guessed two, Zu Xi Legacy I should have just chosen “Technologies” instead of Research, but anyway, I got close.

Adaptable is synonymous with Flexible, well let’s say you got that one right. Congratulations!

Final words

Well, that concludes the challenge. Apparently all variants change 1 epithet of the 3 of their parent civ or their order of priority. Maybe it will be good to consider it for when fandom concepts of new civ variants are made.

Oh yeah. If you think the epithets could have been different or not, you can leave your comment. Anyway, take care.

Yaaaaaaaaaayyy!!! :smile: