Error code C06T09R09X000 4D504D6101EA

Someone can explain me why this error code come and go ramdomly durring a game and disconnect all players ?

Tonight 2 games canceled beacause of it.

Hey @JosianneBalasko! Please do contact support with your warnings.logs file.

What were your game stats (players, map, etc)?

This appears to be an exploit people are actively using to desync the game. And it is happening more and more. And a lot by now (we have estimated 30 - 35% of our 4on4 games end this way). AoE iv will safe a SyncError logfile. Typically two: one for the game and one for the game crashing once you try to leave the score screen.

Essentially it is a drophhack people are using to end the game. It is no fun. The best you can do is (a) use the in game report function after the game. Just notify the devs via that way the game was desynced. It does not matter if you know who did it. Devs just want data on which games and can run it through a data mill to determine the player, maps, game types, timings and other data alike and (b) report the game ID and provide the logfiles along with a DxDiag file as per links below.

There is not much you can do other than accept it, wait for a patch, play with friends/AI. It seems to occur less in 1on1 than 4on4. Basically the fewer players in a game the lower the chance it will occur.