Error D3D11On12CreateDevice

¿como puedo solucionar esto?

i have get same issue, also i use win7 sp1, and which gpu would you use?


I use i3-6100 with internal gpu, and when today i have updated the lastest version, the game can not play.
Looks like update patch has issue, and i have submited a request to offical service. Hope they can solve.

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I have the same problem with this game after the update(47581) today,it just doesn’t lauch after I press the game start key.My OS is win7 build 7601.


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

  • OS: Windows 10 version 18362.0 or higher
    Windows 7 is highly outdated and not supported anymore neather by Microsoft, not by game developers that work for microsoft.


Cambiar a Windows 10 lo soluciono

@Konahrik1140 lol, the offical request suggest me update my os too.
look like use older os can not play new game.

I try to download older version game by use GitHub - SteamRE/DepotDownloader: Steam depot downloader utilizing the SteamKit2 library., hope i can do it.

Please forward your issue to Customer Support:

??? They will tell him the same …

At last, i have downloaded the old version, now i can play it on win7 ( because this computer is not for mine, i can not update system)

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If someone want to play old version on win7, use this script and depotdownloader, then copy to installing folder, edit appmanifest.acf to cheat updater.

@echo off
title download 7330660
dotnet %~dp0DepotDownloader.dll %* ^
 -username xxxxx^
 -app 933110 ^
 -depot 933111 ^
 -manifest 8640815080218763479 ^
 -dir %~dp0\7330660 ^
 -validate ^
	"appid"		"933110"
	"Universe"		"1"
	"LauncherPath"		"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\steam.exe"
	"name"		"Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition"
	"StateFlags"		"4"
	"installdir"		"AoE3DE"
	"LastUpdated"		"1634099906"
	"UpdateResult"		"0"
	"SizeOnDisk"		"46451641103"
	"buildid"		"7500522"
	"LastOwner"		"76561198354349477"
	"BytesToDownload"		"0"
	"BytesDownloaded"		"0"
	"BytesToStage"		"0"
	"BytesStaged"		"0"
	"AutoUpdateBehavior"		"0"
	"AllowOtherDownloadsWhileRunning"		"0"
	"ScheduledAutoUpdate"		"0"
			"manifest"		"4771437915371768058"
			"size"		"45975794377"
			"manifest"		"8217306787633308756"
			"size"		"475846726"
		"933111"		"install.vdf"
		"language"		"schinese"

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You are the real MVP!!! Can you tell me how to create/use that script? I have depot downloader, I’ve edited the appmanifest, but I am not sure how to create/use the script? Thanks so much!