Game Version:

  • Build: (36202)
  • Platform: (Steam )
  • Operating System: (Windows 10)
  • **Gamertag: Yongvee

Issue: En partidas estándar, al intentar jugar contra IA (HD Version) aparece el siguiente error;

AI Script Error
Player 2
File: IA (Versión HD).per2
ERR5001: File open failed: ERR5001: File open failed

Se ha testeado con reinstalación, instalación nueva, ocurriendo lo mismo con cualquier civilización y mapa, así como tipo de dificultad.

Con este error la IA deja de funcionar, bloqueando también otro tipo de movimiento de otra IA.

¿Alguien conoce una solución, o se trata de un error que se subsanará con un parche nuevo?

Same here, I played it well yesterday. But since the steam patch it stopped working… Same for a friend.

Me pasó lo mismo, actualicé el último parche y tira ese error.
Busqué por toda la web y no encontré solución.

Could you fix it? I have the same problem

I did manage to fix it in the end, at least, for me.

It seemed to be related to where the game was installed. I was running the game of an SSD which the rest of my operating system wasn’t on. When i re-installed onto my main HDD, the issue went away.

Hope that helps !

Hello everyone! Can you please try Verifying the Integrity of your Game Files to see if that addresses the issue? You can find instructions on how to do so here:

@Yongvee @DidiTurbo78 @ArsLeOx Please let me know if that works for you! :slight_smile:

Hi @GMEvangelos I have tried the following :

Reinstalled - Same error.
No Mods - Same error.
Checked integrity - Same error
Laucnh admin - Same error


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Hello @GMEvangelos,

Tried No mods, check integrity and Launch admin but no luck.
All were fine before last update today.

Same for a friend.

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What language are you using to run the game? Does swapping to English allow you to play with the AI, perchance?


Worked like a charm.

We can play in English as a workaround.

Thanks, waiting for the hotfix :stuck_out_tongue: !!



Thank you for checking! We’ve confirmed it internally and will begin working on a fix. Thank you for the report and to everyone for their patience.


Con el cambio de idioma a inglés funciona correctamente. En otros idiomas parece dar el mismo error.

Muchas gracias por la ayuda @GMEvangelos.

Buen trabajo!

Game Version: 101.101.36202.0 0

  • Build: (#####)
  • **Platform:**Microsoft Store
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag:


Since the last update a problem appeared when I try to play a classical game with the IA HD version. At the begining of the game a message pop-up and says : Player 2 File IA(version HD).per2
ERR5001: File open failed ERR5001: File open failed
A friend of mine also got the same problem

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Launch a game vs the IA HD version
  2. The bug appears


@wolfane1127 Try to play with english language, it works well.

so I am having the same Issue, I am also playing in English, I have also uninstalled and re-installed the game. I have also Changed the HD_AI tag sooo I am at a loss. Also I have done the self verification twice, and I have 86 packets out of 100 this is after the uninstall and reinstall… help?btw HI first post:D

standard game doesn’t matter ai difficulty. Game already in english uninstalled and reinstalled

Having the same issue with the HD Version.

Can’t play any campaing…

Reinstalled twice, verified 3 times, changed languages, etc…
I can play online and random maps vs IA, but I can’t play the campaign… so its something related specific with the campaign files IA.

same problem with campaigns

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