Error when updating my mod

Does anyone know why does this keep happening to me when i try to upload an update of a specific mod i made. It worked in the past but suddenly getting the error now, and only for this mod, but not for other ones.

You should post what mod you are trying to update and what does update consist of.
@DodoNotDoDo Can you help?

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its a text/string mod, Improved extended tooltips. the files in resources\en\strings\key-value/key-value-modded-strings-utf8

this is the mod, also another bug popped up, not allowing me to even subscribe to my mod anymore… just keeps downloading forever.

Somehow it ended up with a duplicate record that was breaking the process. I just fixed it so it should work for you now.

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Thanks a lot. That solved it. I was starting to lose my mind trying to update it again and again :smile: