Error when uploading mod. Help!

Hello everyone!
When trying to upload the mod on the website I get the following message: ‘‘Incorrect File Format. Only zips containing AOE mod files accepted.’’

When trying to upload the mod in-game I get ‘‘error code 2’’.

The mod contains the following different file formats:

I have created a zip file and when opened this is what my mod folder looks like:

mod folder

Best regards.

@DodoNotDoDo Help is needed here. :slight_smile:

The error I’m seeing shows a lightcavunwrap.uvw file, which isn’t an allowed file type. Is that necessary for the functioning of the mod?

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No idea! I have not seen it in my files or folders.
But - I was able to upload the mod just now on the website. I used Mircosoft Edge instead of Firefox, and for some reason it worked.

It’s called Swedish Improvement Mod.

Sorry to bother you, but it seems to be working now. :innocent: