Errors and missing content

Again they bring us another update, which does not solve many of the problems that exist since the beta, and that also does not bring improvements that many of us expect.
I will make a list of these things that I think should be in the next update.

  • They added different cursors when the villagers get resources and some baskets when they return them to the stores. The problem is that it shows a hammer at any time that the villager has no resources and creates confusion. The hammer should be shown only when the building is damaged.

  • Armored Elephant attack animation fails. This has already been mentioned many times.

  • Flare. One of the things we all expect. This is very necessary for multiplayer, especially now that they put it on Steam and added the ELO system.

  • Ballista, Helepolis, Trirreme and Ballista Tower leave a crater when their projectiles hit the ground, like catapults. These ballists should leave a small hole, a projectile buried in the ground, or just nothing.

  • Absolutely all update buttons have the original and pixelated game graphics. (for example: advanced age or storage technologies, market, government, etc.). New buttons are needed, with HD drawings such as new icons of remastered units or buildings.

  • The cheat units still have pixelated models of the original game, as well as the effects performed by the cheats (For example, lightning, laser beams, cows launched by catapults or dragons that replace birds).

  • The Editor interface is still that of the original game. This is not so important, but a renewed editor is needed, with the possibility to zoom, and see the buildings of the age and civilization corresponding to the player’s details.

  • Villagers with consecutive tasks when pressing Shift, would be a very useful aggregate. Currently the villagers are going to the last point we marked, ignoring all of the above.

  • We have problems with the objectives in the campaigns. When the objective is different from defeating the enemies, (for example, taking an artifact to the city) after attacking the enemies they surrender and automatically we have the victory, regardless of the objective. Also, when we have a conditional defeat (for example, preserve the Town Center), we are not defeated.

  • Campaign heroes should have immunity to the conversions of priests. It is simply stupid for a Gallic priest to turn Julio Cesar into Gallic.

  • This is something personal: In the original game the campaigns had introduction and completion videos, and each scenario showed units or animals on the map. I think the new one is too simple, I like the story in a narrated voice, but we don’t even see a new image when completing the campaign. I would expect them to at least put some drawing accompanying the narration, to make the campaigns more immersive instead of a random map.

  • In the original game the houses of Stone Age had a progressive construction weaving bower, currently they have the same process as the rest of the houses, with bricks and scaffolding on the floor. It would be even better if each building had progressive construction, as I could see what they did in the AOE II: DE.

  • In the original game the hero Jason had a unique skin. It would be good if not only Jason had a different model, but other heroes such as Alexander, Cesar or Prince Shotoku. Although I know this is unlikely to do so.

That is all I remember right now, I will be adding things.


Agree with you, but please keep the pictures/icons for the technologies from the original. I really like them and they look even today good! I’m afraid that they could get worse, if changes are going to be made. The new units pictures/icons look okay, but the new building icons are inconsistent (some are symbols like the barracks, some are pictures like the house or the tower) and not very good looking. So I prefer the good looking old ones for technologies, before we get unsatisfying results :see_no_evil:

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