Es imposible pasar potenza

que alguien me diga como pasar potenza exactamente

You have to be at age 4 while playing as the Spanish then clickling this icon in the town center:

Then just select any option the game gives you and either win the game or resign.


no puedo pasar este mapa que alguien me ayude

Play as Spain, get to age 4, and revolt. Then either win or resign and go back to the main menu. Don’t just quit out of the game once you’ve revolted. Also, make sure that before you start the match you select the “begin” button from the challenge menu.


By the way, when you get to a challenge that requires you to build multiples of a specific building, you just have to delete and rebuild them when you reach the limit. No need to restart the game.

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Going by him selecting my reply as a solution, I guess he didn’t know how to revolt