Escape key triggers the Menu and cannot be unbound

Game Version: June release

  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • **Gamertag:_ViRuS_PuLsE


Clicking the “Esc” key if you don’t have a unit or building selected brings up the Menu (which I have set as F10). Due to the Esc key’s proximity to the #1 key, there have been multiple times in the heat of battle where I’ve pressed it while trying to select units bound to #1 and have lost the battle because I was suddenly facing an unexpected menu pop-up.

There is no reason why Esc should function as a hidden menu hotkey, especially because there’s no way to unbind it as such.

Reproduction Steps:

  • Enter game, select nothing, press “Esc”. You will see the main menu pop up. If you look at your hotkeys, the menu will likely be set to F10 by default, so Esc should never generate this pop-up.

Bumping this, hopefully this gets attention. In the original game this didn’t happen, so it’s quite annoying when I try to deselect units by pressing Escape only to trigger the menu.

was this prior to any of the recent update or has this been an issue for awhile now?

its sad normally the people behind design of UI/game aren’t the one whos actually using/playing it so they would never come across these issue. hope they fix it

It’s been like this since the beta as far as I remember, unfortunately.

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Look at when the thread was opened. About two years ago, so I’d say it definitely existed pre any DLC.

did not notice the thread creation date at all

Hi guys, I have brought up the suggestion with my colleagues :slight_smile:

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