:trophy: ESOC SUMMER CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 :trophy:
Attention, Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition warriors! The time has come to etch your name in the ESOC Summer Championship 2023 history. As we are approaching the end of summer and the leaves are changing, so can your destiny. Registration is now open, where champions are born and legends forged. Will you rise to the challenge, harness your skills, and join the elite ranks of strategy masters? Secure your spot in this epic tournament, and let your empire-building journey begin. Register now and seize your chance at glory!

:heavy_dollar_sign: Prize Pool & Prize Distribution :heavy_dollar_sign:
$500 Base + Donation Split
1st Place: $250
2nd Place: $125
3rd Place: $75
4th Place: $50

:world_map: Map Pool :world_map:
The map pool for the event is:
Great plains, Scandinavia, Guianas, Darfur, Manchuria, Hokkaido, Saguenay, Ivory Coast, Pampa Sierras, Cascade Range, Upper Himalayas, Dakota, Central Plains, Anatolia, Mongolia

Group Stages - Best of 5: Great Plains, Manchuria, Pampa sierras, Dakota, Guianas
Round of 16 - Best of 5: Great Plains, Saguenay, Cascade Range, Central Plains, Darfur
Round of 8 - Best of 7: Great Plains, Hokkaido, Upper Himalayas, Central Plains, Guianas, Ivory Coast, Anatolia
Semi-Finals - Best of 7: Darfur, Manchuria, Pampa Sierras, Dakota, Great Plains, Saguenay, Cascade Range
Finals & Bronze Match Best of 7: Great plains, Scandinavia, Cascade Range, Mongolia, Guianas, Saguenay, Pampa Sierras

Note: All the games will be hosted in a Standard Supremacy format.

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Tournament Schedule :hourglass_flowing_sand:
Weekly Schedule
Group Stage Weekend 1: Best of 5 (group A to group D): September 25th – October 1st
Group Stage Weekend 2: Best of 5 (group E to group H): October 2nd – October 8th
Round of 16 - Best of 5: October 9th – October 15th
Round of 8 - Best of 7: October 16th – October 22nd
Semi-Finals - Best of 7: October 28th
Finals & Bronze Match - Best of 7: October 29th
Note: Times are approximate based on the completion of previous rounds.

Please refer to the document for the tournament rules or alternatively check in the official tournament post:

Note: If you have any further questions regarding the rules please contact the tournament admins in ESOC official Discord channel.

:writing_hand:t2: Sign-ups :writing_hand:t2:
Sign-ups will be open from Friday 15th September 2023 to Friday 22nd September 2023. You may sign up using the tournament center in MyESOC (Login to your ESOC profile at https://eso-community.net/ and then find the top right corner on your profile name and then select MyESOC).
summer championship


Summer/Autumn maybe.

Also everyone can participate, i hope.

A pitiful competition with few bonuses. If the champion can receive a prize of $5000 or $50000, it will be a greater respect and value for the winner.

maybe you can donate then to boost the pool then?


Buddy this is aoe3 where microsoft doesnt even let us get an update if aoe4 wants summer beach event (not hyperbole), every dollar of every event in aoe3 comes from one of our pockets and every caster, pro, and organizer does it for the love. We dont have much sponsorship but we got alot of passion right now in the community so im hyped for this and other events going on. Great games ahead this season.

  • A Done button is always appreciated. It also increases common player involvement

  • I think a tournament specially targeted towards lower but wider ELOs will also be beneficial for the game even with lesser money. Basically a low risk Tounament for masses, to develop interest.