⚔ ESOC Summer Championship Quarter-Finals ⚔

The ESOC Summer Championship is heating up with thrilling quarter-final matches. Witness the clash of titans as IamTurk faces April and Ungurs takes on Frontline. Expect intense strategy, epic gameplay, and the determination of these elite AOE3 players to secure their spot in the semifinals. These quarterfinals promise high-stakes battles that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t miss the action in this crucial stage of the tournament!

:studio_microphone: Casters :studio_microphone:

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Time & Date :hourglass_flowing_sand:
Friday 15 GMT (20/10/2023) & Saturday 20 GMT (21/10/2023)

:tv: Join us live on ESOCTV’s Twitch channel to witness the epic clash between two titans. Don’t miss the action-packed showdown! :tv:



I dont know how active you are on official discord (where im not) but today @Dokimos82 said he pictured me as a cheater there with no reason. He got pissed after losing in a treaty match. I hope devs dont take him seriously

So I hope you can do something about, or at least confirm if he did that TIA

You are a cheater .you dont respect half map ,you hide sepoy back of oppoments and that behaviur destroy the beaty of the game

I didnt send sepoys before the treaty end lol I get through your ally’s forward base, he couldnt kill them and thats not my fault. In fact, your ally was in my side of the dialogue

Edit: also you all had spies while I didnt. LOL

thrilling verbal combat