Ethiopia, Habesha age up tech underwhelming?

I always thought that the Habesha age up tech ‘ark of the covenant’, allowed you to gather influence from the monasteries with abuns without the need of a mine, allowing you to still gather influence late game when mines have run out.
Just tried it and all it does is allow the monasteries to auto gather while not on a mine, this tech costs 2000 influence and is completely worthless. I think it should be changed so that abuns can still gather influence from monasteries without a mine being needed, giving ethiopia a late game form of gathering influence other than cattle, like hausa have with universities. Would not be OP because it’s an expensive tech and only makes sense late game when mines are gone.

I like Ethiopia but play a lot of long games with friends and it sucks when there’s no mines for your abuns to gather influence from, Ethiopia don’t get an age up like berbers that gives them a retrainable mine either which is what they need or a card to send new mines.


Just tried it and all it does is allow the monasteries to auto gather while not on a mine,


Try the age1 card that grants additional 1000 coin per monastery and the age2 card that tenfolds output, then ark will be very good.

Yes, it’s worthless. I understand that’s what it says and I read it wrong but it should be made into something useful, if it allowed abuns to keep gathering influence then it would be in long games.

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I’ll try the age 2 card, abuns still become useless when mines run out though.

Habesha is one of the least profitable since it costs a lot and does not rent at all.(And the 2 card only affects the amount of gold a mine has by 30% more)

I fully agree with your proposal.

Portugal would also improve when one passes with him to a superior era (like 3 to top) giving him the arsenal with the improvement of advanced arsenal.

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Out of all the new African mechanics, the Mine Monasteries is my least favorite. The low build limit, how useless they are without a mine underneath, having to constantly delete old ones in order to keep building new ones on new mines… Feels like a chore.

I fully agree with your proposal.


The age2 card affects efficiency by 10000%. This is the only time the ark makes sense. The 2nd starting mine lasts well into the late game with it.

I do agree with the proposed changes though.

1000% of that because the amount of collection is the same, it only affects the duration of the mine and gives you a mountain monastery