Ethiopia OP the last time that i will talk about

请允许我在此使用中文,我是一名中国玩家,在天梯拥有[TOTPF]伊吹 香织,这个账号,这个账号在天梯原本是拥有1785 elo 分数的账号,但当我今天晚上决定使用这个账号游玩埃塞俄比亚时,我发现我可以用这个"平衡"的文明在天梯打到令人惊讶的分数,

我曾经在论坛很多次反映过埃塞俄比亚的苏丹升级选项需要削弱,并且大本尼这只拥有900食物且可以换取价值超过700资源的超级变态的卡片需要削弱,但是很可惜,可能是制作组太忙的因素,这个文明仅仅是削弱了苏丹德尔维希的造价,仅仅5影响力而已,在此我用我打到天梯第一的经历请制作组赶紧在下个版本对这个不平衡的只需要 Z 的文明做出一定的平衡


From Google translate. not perfect but you get the idea:

Please allow me to use Chinese here, I am a Chinese player, I have [TOTPF] Kaori Ibuki on the ladder, this account, this account was originally an account with 1785 elo scores on the ladder, but when I decided to use this account tonight While playing Ethiopia, I found that I could get amazing scores on the ladder with this “balanced” civilization,

I have reported many times on the forum that Ethiopia’s Sudan upgrade option needs to be weakened, and the super perverted card that only has 900 food and can be exchanged for more than 700 resources needs to be weakened, but unfortunately, the production team may be too busy factor, this civilization only weakens the cost of Sultan Dervish, and only has 5 influence. Here I use my experience of hitting the top of the ladder, please the production team hurry up and only need Z for this unbalanced version in the next version. Civilization strikes a certain balance


We dont have many chinese players (fplayers from china, not chinese civ players) so fair play to coming to the forums and voicing your balance concerns. Congrats on #1 rank but this just further shows to the devs that the african civs are not well designed and have considerable balance issues.


example of build order on the ladder
ethiopia.age3Yrec (6.2 MB)


yes that s what i want to express,btw
super perverted is big benny

and i m glad to see you actually notice my opinion,and hmm yes that record is mine that against ungurs,and you will see how lame this civ will be in this game,thank you very much

if you wanna more about this civ’s strategy pls check out my past posts on this platform

not mean that i promote this tactic,just want express that i mentioned devs many times but actually ethiopia isnt be nerfed

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The more people that use this strategy, the more likely developers will notice and nerf it

Can you explain what is the strategy?

Both the Africa civs are somewhat over tuned at the moment, Hausa in my opinion are even worse than Ethiopia. Hope they get nerfed to normal levels soon.

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Nice job! The Ethiopia must be the worst balance in this game, I can’t believe that production group can allow this in such a long time. And please do this again by Hausa, Inca and Aztec to save this game



I do not see a lot of Ethiopian gameplay. That’s probably how their hidden strength is overlooked, or people have no idea how to counter them.

送的牛叫Big Benny,卡片本身叫什么没有人在意了

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Agreed. Hardly see them. Wonder how many people that play ranked own the African dlc, and of them the play rate of Ethiopia. Oh I wait for a day when we have play rate and win rate statistics

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In China’s own small tournaments, many players will choose Ethiopia and Hausa. They are so powerful that opponents who choose other countries will be powerless to fight back. We even call this game Age of Africa3

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If you don’t want to be easily beaten by players using African countries, please give feedback to the production team that they must nerf Ethiopia and Hausa in the May update.

Interesting. Hopefully it won’t be to long before Developers take notice

Easilly spammable monasteries that buff HP of buildings AND units is not a good feature

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The bigger issue here is that because access to statistics are closed to the public, we have to go to great lengths to discover that a civ might be OP, like what you did here. I wonder if devs can track the usage as effectiveness of some cards to zoom in on build orders.

Idk if it takes an astronomical effort to publish them or they are withholding information on purpose. I sure know the discussions on this forum would be very different having the numbers.

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They are strong at doing certain strats, like the sudanese dhervish timing but both them and hausa are quite limited in what they can do. Hausa are useless on water, and the strat of getting all the tp’s quickly and shipping berber nomads only came about due to the removal of 3v shipment and trying to compensate for it.
I doubt ethiopia will be nerfed though just because it’s barely ever played, I’ve seen like 2 people play ethiopia other than myself on ladder.