Ethopiadn siege camels counter muskets

first game in a while today for de

its a 3v3, my enemy has ethopian siege camels so i go muskets, to my suprise the muskets get obliterated in seconds. they should ■■■■■■■ counter meele cav.

these are the things taht make me consider going back to aoe 3 vanilla. atleast there i mostly have to face op french cav only

secondly i saw the new brits ranger card.
max stats 199 hp (with arsenaml) and 40 ranged resists for 60f 60c.
i compared that to casa which csot only 80f and 35 food ,which have 45 resits 240ish hp and more speed. same damage per shot on both units
using rangers is losing, why are they so pitfull, why even exist? should have atleast 240hp too, imagine facing those op ethopian skirms with these rangers asuming they stll havent been nerfed.

Do you mean the outlaw camels the desert raiders? I think they do siege damage like an abus gun so bypass the musks melee resistance. Musk do still counter them though I think but you’d need a decent mass because the camels are quite expensive I think.

The ranger is worse than the longbow vs basically everything, the ranger is only slightly better vs heavy infantry because it gets counter infantry rifling. My understanding is it’s just there mostly for treaty when wood is scarce and it’s difficult to mass longbow.