Europe & Europeans Wars (DLC Suggestion and Rework)

Hi all, I would like to asume that most people of the comunity would like content related to Europe, either by new civs, addition to old ones, new content. So Im going to post a few ideas, hoping the devs give us something related in the future.

Comment below ideas so we can build something. Will later upload a few Images.

Well this is probably the most popular thing, in the original Aoe 3 the were a few mods that added maps and other civs, of course the trouble would be also which minor factions we could find here.

Minor Factions

  • Protestants, Catholics, Lutherans: (Like Jesuits, present in different regions).
  • Swiss, Scotts, Italians, Germans, Polish, Hungary: Their respective mercenary units (Swiss pikeman, Scottish muskeeter, Helmeti, Jaeger, Winged Hussar, Magyar Hussar).

Note: Some units are already ingame as Mercenary or special units.

Edited: 03/11/23


  • SCOTLAND (JACOBITS): Transforms settlers into Jacobits, warriors wealding quilts with good melee attack (Sword and small round shield).


  • ITALY:

FRANCE AND RUSSIA: Their respective Revolutions that freed them from Monarchy.

Most European nations could use new cards, that are related to different time periods, alliances/wars with other civs and mercenaries. For example German alliance with Spain under Charles V, Dutch and British Alliance with William of Orange, mercenary cards that allows hiring specific mercs for x civ: Scottish musketeer for British, Black rider for Germans, etc.

Along with specific cards that boost x special thing of each civ as Sweedes does, boosting torps, Caroleans and Hakkepellit, range, attack, health, etc.

  • CARABINES: +25% Attack and range to dragoons (Changes visually its gun and animations).
  • SUPPORT WEAPON: Gives secondary ranged attack to Hussars. Improves and cards that affect ranged combat also affects them now.

ARSENAL: Cuirass and Breastplate to increase melee resistance instead.


From what I understand, each civs in Aoe3 depicts its “Golden Age”, for example Spanish with their whole army being heavily armored, Japanese with the Armored Samurais, etc.

FRANCE: Has Napoleon as Ai but has the Monarchy flag, and is not using many of the most known uniforms of the Napoleonic period or the Monarchy period. This is easily fixed with Textures and models.

Edited: 03/11/21
French Musketeer Age 4 (We could use subnames for some units)
Note: there is an issue I have with hats that some parts that should be in game transparent are going white/black.

French Musketeer Age 5
Note: Same issue with feather and white in the yellow part where the yellow embelishment.

French Skirmisher Age 4 (Voltigeur)
Note: Changed the model to the one of the musketeer, in order to be able to equip him a rapier for melee attack, has the hat from US Carabinier.

French Skirmisher Age 5 (Imperial Voltigeur)

Note; Also I have to say that some models as Musketeer and Cuirasseir are blocky compared with newer models, ex Hakkepelit, caroleans, etc.

GERMANY: Is far the worst, having a weird mix between the Holy Roman Empire and Prussia, while Historically speaking we could say that HRE split into Austria (Former Rulling House of HRE) and Prussia (Germans that founded their own kingdom and later become nowdays Germany).

This one is far more complicated, I have suggested that maybe in and Age Up you could choose which to “become” and access their unique units:

  • PRUSSIA: Prussian Needle gun, Black Hussars.

Also they as other civs, should have acces to Musketeers and Halberdiers. Would be nice to have German halberdiers with hat of the doppelsoldner for example. As well as Knights and other units.

Note: This is in general a very complicated topic.


  • BANNERMEN: A unit that gives aura buff +10% attack (doesnt stack).

  • MUSICIANS: A unit that gives aura buff +10% movement speed (doesnt stack) and produces sounds as griots. Drummers, Flautist, etc.

  • GRENADIER: (Rework) all europeans can hire it, main attack change to musket shot, siege attack to throw grenades, special botton attack allows to throw 1 grenade each 40 seconds, good vs infantry and buildings, high health, weak vs artillery and cavalry. Trainable in barracks instead.

  • KNIGHT: Heavy cavalry (Age 2), equivalent to Cuirassier (Replaced by Cuirassier for french, Black rider for Germans and Hakkepellit for Swedes). High health and melee resistance.
    Visuals: Helmeti (knight), Harquebuiser (Cuirass and helmet), Hakepellit (cuirass and tricorne), Cuirassier (Age 4, with cuirass)

  • LANCER: Shock cavalry (Age 3) equivalent to Spanish lancer (Replaced by “Lancero”), good for hit and run tactics, high attack, low attack speed with range (CABALLEROS card no longer gives range). Spanish Lancer to be renamed “Lancero, Garrochista Lancero and Imperial Garrochista” (as Cuirassier and Hakkepelit are using original language names),
    Visuals: Helmeti (Knight with lance), Hakkepelit (Age 4, cuirass and tricorne), Uhlan (Uniform)

  • HUSSAR: Light Cav (Age 2), practically as it is with higher move speed. Most hussar regiments early on were of polish/hungarian people that were hired as mercs.
    Visuals: Oprichniks (Age 4, pelts and russian feather style hat), Age 2 - 3 Hussar, Age 4 Hussar with jacket in the back and cossack age 4 style hat.

  • HORSE ARCHER: Light Cav (Age 2) part of the archaic units, good mobility, fast attack. For hit and run tactics good vs artillery and villagers. Moved in funcionality by Dragoons. As now their are and Age 3 good unit.

  • DRAGOON: Light Cav (Age 3) “replaces or moves” the function of Horse archers, gaining more attack and range with each upgrade.
    Visuals: Musketeer (Age 3 with tricorne), Musketeer (Age 4 with us cavalry hat age 2), Cuirassier (Age 4).

Note: All that are visual examples, many european military were alike in the sense of weapons and functions but different in uniforms and like.

I believe that many units, villagers included could be diversify with different hats and textures depending on the civilization or weapons.


  • OTTOMANS: Ottomans could use a mix of: Mediterranean (currently using this ones), Russian and Arabian (create a new variant based on Indian/African) to represent the cultures that mixed there.

  • DUTCH: Same settler but with the hat from pilgrim villager.

  • SWEEDES: Dutch/British settler with hat from caroleans (age 2) allong with russian settler.

  • GERMANS: Dutch/British settler, new texture with hat from Settler wagon/doppelsoldner.

  • BRITISH: Dutch/British settler with Tricorne from musketeer (age 3)

  • FRENCH: Dutch/British settler with musketeer hat (Age 2) and new textures.

  • COURER DES BOIS: to be special unit like envoy from dutch, able to gather, build. That we start with a few and can be obtained from cards or acquire a card to build them to max number as wagon settlers. Historically in the wiki, they were fur traders in New france.


Visually speaking I would also like a greater differentiation in the appearance of the buildings. For example the Ottoman, Spanish and Portuguese buildings are very similar. They can be more unique.

And why not…? also in cattle, because African civilizations have their own breed of cattle, and they could do the same with Europeans (at least in appearance).


Denmark shouldn’t be a revolution to Sweden, it makes no sense because in actuality Sweden is a rebellion against Denmark and the 2 countries spent 200 years afterwards fighting each other with the most wars between them of any 2 countries in the world.

if Sweden did get something it would probably be Norway (when Denmark-norway gets added) and maybe Pan-Scandinavianism which should also be available to Denmark.

also if we end up in europe it will almost certainly include some actual factions rather than simply maps.

i definitely agree that Ottomans need to be different to Spain and Portugal but i think its fine Portuguese and Spanish share build style since they are neighbors.

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Nice post, In general I didnt want to “mess” with new civs since I really dont know much about them so cant speak off, also you have already spoke about I wanted to focus more on the maps and revision of already in game civs, aswell and most importantly visuals.

You are right will, update it.

Yep, also capital has the same european civilians.

Will upload a few images.

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Nice for sharing my topic, thank you :blush:

I could use someone who knows the history of the Ottoman Empire very well as I plan to create the idea of ​​reworking of Ottoman civ - in the spirit of my idea of ​​a new type of European civs: European non-colonial powers.

I invite everyone to discuss and develop the idea :hugs:

I just want Portugal reworked to actually reflect slightly the historical Portuguese.
Best Dragons? They barely had horses for a full brigade.
Ranged Weapon Explorer? They were all about swords. Even on HEMA these days 1 of the treaties on Montantes is written by Dom Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo

This Frankenstein on AoE3 DE needs to be burned.


These skins of French musketeers in guard and imperial status are very good and could be adopted by other civilizations that have them. The veteran also deserved to wear a tricorn to be more precise historically.

I just want Portugal reworked to actually reflect slightly the historical Portuguese.
Best Dragons? They barely had horses for a full brigade.

Meu amigo lusitano, uma coisa que me incomoda é o nome que dão a guarda real de Portugal, você conhece alguns nomes de regimentos mais apropriados?

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The Imperial Jinetes? (Ginetes in Portuguese, since they are using the Spanish term).

Honestly, no. D.Joao II had his Guard of Riders (which were actuall Ginetes in the 15th century), and D.Manuel I also created a Royal Guard of the Halbardiers. D.Joao III dismissed those royal guards, but D.Sebastiao restored the Halbardier Royal Guard.

There are not too many famous Dragoon regiments in Portugal. If anything maybe during the Restoration War but I dont know any names.

Creio que não precisa ser especificamente de dragões, de qualquer tipo de unidades, embora o jogo omita Portugal tinha granadeiros, e o Conde de Lippe fez no período de Pombal uma reforma no exercito, se não me engano há um regimento de infantaria que por homenagem leva o nome dele.


Portuguese grenadiers aren’t exactly famous, and I’m guessing that with organ guns, strong mortars and casadors the devs assumed it would be enough in that area, which i agree with (tho you can unlock them now if you want to).

as for cavalry, while i am neither Portuguese nor specialized in Portuguese history the things I’ve read and seen in other media strongly suggest that Portuguese cavalry can at best be described as scouts. there are other factions that far more appropriately would have a guard dragoon than Portugal, not to mentions it is a bit overkill with their guard musketeers as well.

You are correct and this is one of the problems of the Portuguese royal guard, the soldiers were known only as “Guardas Reais” .
Although wikipedia cannot be considered a serious source, I just found this article: Royal Guard of the Archers - Wikipedia
I also think that within the game Portugal doesn’t need big changes, it’s a balanced civ.
Interestingly the archer guard wore halberds lol…

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I’m not 100% sure but I think Archers is the Brasilian version of when they moved the court to brazil.