European Civ Concept: The Teutonic Order

I have seen a lot of poor recommendations for European civilizations that either don’t fit the time period or lack any unique features and the player just wants something to appeal to their nationalism. I figured I would throw my hat in the ring and mention the Teutonic Order, which maintained a unique government being the only crusader state and maintained a unique army structure that mixed Teutonic Knight supersoldiers with Holy Roman Empire settlers and Baltic Auxiliaries who defeated the Mongols in battle and prevented them from invading deeper into Europe.


I actually made a post with a complete Teutonic Order civilization design. Most people feel the Teutonic Order shouldn’t be in the game because the HRE exists. However the HRE has no teutonic units or mentions of the Order, which makes me feel like Relic is holding them off either as a new civ or as a purchasable HRE skin overhaul.

Hopefully Relic isn’t ignoring them due to them systematically eliminating the polytheistic groups in the Baltic. I understand that is terrible, but its history. Funny enough, I was a Seax-Wiccan for a majority of my life (still hold some of the traditions and values), yet I love the uniqueness of the Order and admire them.

My civ concept: Faction Idea: Teutonic State

Quick edit looking over your statements to try and clear up any misinformation about the Teutonic Order. I might love the Teutons, but I don’t want them to be muddied with historic inaccuracies.

I wouldn’t say the Teutonic Knights where “super soldiers”, they where simply crusaders who where supported by their rulers or families. Often being financially supported and backed by religious groups who could support them with decent training and armors. While also abiding by the templar rules.

While doing vast research on the topic, and even pulling data from the official Teutonic Order’s website (They are still around, just as a spiritual group.) They have historic conflicts with polytheistic worshipers, Danes, Novgorod, and Poland. They also have recorded conflicts with the Cumans. Funny enough the battle in which the united forces of Polish, Hungarians, and Teutons fought to try and stop the Mongol controlled Cumans ended in two failed battles. The Teutons where eventually kicked out of Hungary by the Hungarians because they didn’t want them to claim their land. Eventually the Teutons where invited by Poland to help fend off polytheistic Prussian raids which eventually led to the formation of the Teutonic state and trade competition to the dismay of the Poles which resulted in conflicts between the factions which the pope didn’t like. Also as a side note, apparently the Order was banned when the National Socialists took over Czechoslovakia, so I guess they had a brief non-military conflict with the Nazis as well?