European general unit special appearance MOD preview (have released)


British 18th century musketeers (A combination of uniforms from the Seven Years’ War and the American Revolution)

British infantry American revolution - Google 搜尋_1

The MOD has been released, you can search for “Units Historical Appearance” to download.
Thanks to @CliffyCoder8489 's reminder, MOD final preview here:

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Add historic neckline, cuff and epaulette details


Age 3 Musketeers, corresponding countries Spain, France, Italy (Savoy)

Spanish infantry seven years war - Google 搜尋_1


![french infantry king riflman - Google 搜尋_1|399x500]



Updated Portuguese linemen’s hats to be more historical.

Removed strange decorations from clothes.


Changed the texture of the British Empire Red Coat to be closer to line infantry rather than officers. Removed the officer’s belt, trousers grey, added basic infantry clothing details.



Spanish infantry napoleonic wars - Google 搜尋_2

7/20 update:

Italian line infantry

7/19 update:


Russian line infantry

7/16 update:

Prussian Needle Gunners. Here comes the real back-loading gunner.
But this made multiplayer unplayable, so I decided to revert to the original animation.

The image comes from the Prussian uniforms during the Prussian-Danish War.

Video link here, from Chinese streaming platform. Sorry I can’t upload youtube because it’s banned by the Chinese government.

I originally made this mod just to restore the “guard unit” (renamed unit in the industrial age) to a historical image, otherwise the appearance of some European civilization units is too generic, such as the Netherlands (1 special cavalry), Portugal ( 1 special infantry), Britain (1 special infantry), France (1 special cavalry), other countries look much better.
I never thought about affecting the online, so I just wanted to make a skin mod. Germany is more troublesome. The Needle Gunner should be an obvious image of the Prussian military uniform, but there is no Prussian helmet in the game, so I can’t get it. Let’s see if the game will update relevant materials with historical battles.

Spain and Italy don’t seem to have a very distinctive line infantry units, such as the British Red Coat and the French Fusiliers, so I don’t know whether to do it or not, what kind of…
Russia has its own characteristics, but I am thinking about whether to keep his green military uniform or make it as player color, I am very confused… I don’t know what you guys think about this

My English is very poor, if you have difficulty reading, I want to say sorry to you.


looks awesome, can you upload it?


your english is fine, don’t worry. Good job!

question for other fellows modders, now is possible to add custom models and animations for DE, right?

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You could keep the uniform green and then the trim being the player color. I am also interested in this mod, I really like your models.

e possível jogar no multiplayer ?

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joder que pésimo es el foro al no dejarme subir imágenes jpg, bueno en cuanto a los españoles solo busca infantería española siglo XVIII y te saldrán un montón de uniformes distintivos


Os jogos multiplayer podem ser jogados normalmente.

Si sabe algo sobre los uniformes de infantería española, puede dejar un enlace a la imagen correspondiente en la sección de comentarios.
He visto varios tipos de uniformes españoles y no sé cuál es el mejor para presentar en el juego.

Maybe, I will try. Thx

thanks for your encouragement.
I reassemble the pairings based on the in-game model and repaint and modify the textures.

I’ll upload when I’m done with it.

ok señor!

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I think the Spanish infantry uniforms are the ones worn by Mexican “Soldados”.

51PDFy5mFeL.SX369_BO1,204,203,200.jpg (371×499)

¿Qué piensas del soldado azul en este?

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Would be cool to change the Prussian Needle Gunner animations for the Gascenya ones.

I have already finished needlegun anim.

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I like the way you think

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IDK if having two animations would really need a different unit for III age skirmishers, so that would break the MP compatibility that probably is a must for a lot of players. British hussars shouldn’t look like those?

I suggest you a more attractive title for your mod while keeping the “European general units special appearances” as a subtitle :slight_smile:

Great job! I hope a revision for more historical correct Asian civs also.

Yes, I also considered this approach. But I don’t want my mod to affect online multiplayer games, so let’s just let it go. After all, Ethiopia’s Neftenya also held an old-fashioned front-loading rifle in the fortress era and used the rear-loading action. This is a problem that even the official can’t solve.

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I haven’t thought about the title yet. My English is very poor, so I don’t know what kind of title would be more suitable.