European Natives for European maps

Siege workshops to buy bombards and trebuchets
Mercenaries camps to hire for lower pop
“Frontier towns” with Trade centers like in the silk road with few units protecting it, you kill them and adquire it simulating the raids done before invasions

European maps could be perfect for a game mode similar to deathmatch. Something where you start with a premade European city and resources and just start fighting immediately. You could start with irreplaceable buildings like factories and maybe have to defend a “wonder”.

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Well, considering that wars like the Italian wars, or the thirty years wars were made around who captured more cities in enemy territory, the “native” tribes could work in that way.

It doesn’t have to be traditional native tribes though, it could be cities that gives back other bonuses, not necessarily like units and techs, but could for example buff your units, gives you extra resources, extra population or vills, to just name some ideas out of my head…


I don’t know why it occurred to me to revive this forum exactly today, but I think this forum paid off. We knew they wouldn’t work like traditional native TPs and I look forward to playing to see how each one works.