European Spanish [complain]

When are you going to give us a fix for the switched names, descriptions etc?
We’re since March with thousand of translation errors and wrong texts and still I didn’t see any new patch fixing this, if I could do a mod fixing this(if you want to give me a short explanation I’ll be grateful) I wouldn’t ask to the company to fix this.
I don’t feel satisfied playing this game with those huge mistakes.
For example:
The unit Konnik in the text from the castle says:
Tarkan and it gives the description of it PLAYING BULGARIAN.
How am I supposed to know the description and real name of that elite unit or others?
Conquistadors are elephants.
If you wanna read it for yourselves I am usually adding videos from the campaign in my YouTube’s channel to show the people the game before buying it.

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I wrote a little about how to mod texts here. You could modify spanish language file and publish it as mod. You would have to synchronize your updated language file with official language file after each game update (use text compare for it).
It would still be out of sync with audio though.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: