European State Mandate Mechanics

With the appearance of the USA, the most famous revolution, as it’s own civ, I do not see any point for the Revolution system that the Europeans civs still have.
It was always a worse option than going for teh Imperial Age, and now it is thematically pointless.

I have been thinking about a system taht could replace it, while still allowing for a player to go to the Imperial Age, but having a significant cost to it.
The new system would add variety to European lategame, be availabe from the Industrial Age onward, and cost 2000 Wood, Food and Coin.
It would involve the player’s Colony having a choice on the future of it’s larger nation-state, and be more uniquely European, and as such, more detached from Colonialism, which is now quite redundant, seeing that we already have one successor state civ, so other should be expected in the future.

The State Mandate system would, upon being researched, ask the player to make a choice between 2 options, all of which would add or alter base game units and mechanics to the parent civ
They would soppusedly be name around teh Explorer, to address rightful opinions of him being quite forgetable after Age 2, despite supposeddly being the leader of the Colony.

Example 1:
Austro-Hungarian Aristocrat: Adds Magyar Hussar and Hajduk (Musketeer) to the Stables and Barracks, both shadow upgrade.
Prussian Brigadier: Adds Landwehr Fusilier (Musketeer) and Grenadier to Barracks and Artillery Foundry, both shadow upgrade.

Example 2:
Monarchy Loyalist: Upgrades Hussar to Imperial rank (requires Guard rank) and grants all Cavalry +10% HP.
Revolutionary Republican: Adds Grenadier (Young Guard) to the Artillery Foundry and grants all Infantry +15% Speed.

Example 3:
Registered Cossack: Adds Cossack Gunner (Cavalry Skirmisher) to the Stables and grants +30% Attack and HP to the Explorer.
Tsarist Colonel: Upgrades Halberdiers to Imperial and grants +0.15 Resistances to all Infantry, of any type they already have.

Example 4:
Oriental Viceroy: Adds Mahout Lancer to the Tavern and grants a Gold tricle of 1.5.
Royal Bodyguard: Halberdiers become Royal Guard Aventureiros and grants +15% HP for Pikemen and Halberdiers.

Example 5:
Traditionalist Pasha: Adds Sipahi and Turkman Archer to the Stables and Barracks, both shadow upgrade.
Corsair Bej: Adds Barbary Corsair and Barbary Marksman to the Barracks, ships in a Corsair Captain, Captain and Explorer can gather from crates.

Example 6:
Hakkapeliitta Frontiersman: Adds Karelian Jaeger to the Barracks, Karelian Jaeger can build Military buildings and gather from Crates and Trees, and lower Hakkapellit coin cost by 10%.
Gustavian Lieutenant: Pikemen upgrade to Imperial (requires Guard upgrade), grants +20% Speed to Pikemen and grants +20% Attack to Hussars.


So basically a Imperial/Revolution hybrid?
Could be interesting.
Will Imperial Technologies sill be available?

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It is more of an option to add additional mechanics/units to your civ, but paid for, like Big Buttons and Wonders.
It would be available from Industrial onward, which would mean you could buy it in Imperial Age.

I made this suggestion because unlike Big Buttons and Wonders, European civ’s unique Revolution mechanics were never very good to start with, and now that there is a Revolutionary civ in the base game, the system is thematically redundant.
While I appreciate that the devs tried to fix the system, it is rarely ever seen, because no trade off can really compensate lacking Imperial Age upgrades, unless it is completely broken OP.

Yes, but you have to advance to the Imperial Age. It is extra options you pay for, but you still can go Imp, and it is designed to work with it.


I like the concept and I think European civs could do with a rework. The Revolutions got most of the attention in the definitive edition update and as fun as some of them are they are just so circumstancial that I really only do them when I’m going to win anyway.

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Revolutions were just never good to begin with, and now that the USA is in the game, they are also thematically outdated,
Couple that with the Euro Explorers being the most bland there is, and you could really rework the whole system to something much better, even if the Explorer is just used for the namesake.