European static mills and estates

Does anybody know how to make the Mills and Estate static so settlers dont have to wander around to gather? (simillarly to Farm or Paddy)

I have tried:

  1. Replacing the animfile:
    Settlers on Farms with Mill’s animfile wander around and dont even start gathering
    Settlers on Mills with Farm"s animfile wander the way they used to

  2. To create a new proto Mill but with a different name - it worked, the settlers gathered without wandering. But this would automatically mean that I have to replace over hundred Techs and cards that modify the Mill gathering rate and also manually setting the new Mill for each settler and modifying thier tactics…

I wonder how could this possible? It must be that there is something that sets the settler moving animation for the proto Mill.

Does anybody have any clue?


I’m not a modder, but I found this, I hope it helps you. :slightly_smiling_face:


PS: The code belongs to deHacienda

Interesting, neither adding or removing it does anything. :smiling_face_with_tear:

If you do this you need to nerf their gather rate too… Because them wandering is taken into account


Of course. But I have already given up this idea.

This will be a nice mood and also it will stop a vill getting stock in the mill :smiley:

Mills and estates are hardcoded to the movement. It’s not possible to remove it

Tho the mills are balanced around it. ( Settlers ) Have a higher base gather ate on mills , than Asians on rice paddies

In that case, the modder could make Rice Paddies available to Euro civs, and in each age0civ tech, upgrade visuals and name

That would be the same as, just copying the model , and add it back to each civ


Thats true, but the problem is that the vills get stuck inside mills…well, I have to convince my self it is just a natural part of game…

It is indeed an issue that should be addressed