Evaluating the Cost for the value each DLC provided so far

For any DLC I believe what I look for are few specific things such as the number of scenarios, the amount of graphics, and the new gameplay mechanics.

  • The scenarios while not having endless replayability like the other aspects of aoe2 still make up the heart of the game. I love playing scenarios but don’t like to grind it again and again.
  • Making new civs requires a lot of additional assets apart from unit and building graphics such as its UI Interface and the voice set. So the number of civs also matter.
  • New Mechanics to the Game Engine are stuff that were earlier impossible to do but were hardcoded and now possible to do. These add a lot of value to the longivity of the game.
  • New Unit Graphics and Buildings with Destruction Animations are used by everyone. Since there are not many graphics artists/modders for DE, these are the lifeline.

Lords of the West

  • Grand Dukes of the West - 6
  • Edward Longshank - 5
  • The Hautevilles - 5
  • Number of Civs - 2
  • New Mechanics to the Game Engine - 3
    charge mechanism
    upgrade all units on map
    military units able to build
  • Units and Buildings - 21
    hero roger bosso
    hero dafydd
    hero llywelyn
    queen west
    burg castle
    medi donjon
    medi wonder sicilians
    sici castle
    west wonder burgundians
    flemish pikeman
    flemish pikeman f
    hero bernard
    hero bohemond
    hero edward longshanks
    hero gilbert
    hero johnthefearless
    hero philip
    hero robert guiscard
    Grand Total = 6+5+5+2+3+21 = 42
    Price at Store = INR 349
    Cost for value = 349/42= 8.31
    (On a positive note this was the first DLC and explored the expandability of campaign menu, controversial note is that it introduced new Castles to DLC civs which broke the consistency of one castle per architecture)

Dawn of the Duke

  • Algirdas and Kestutis - 5
  • Jadwiga - 6
  • Jan Zizka - 6
  • Number of Civs - 2
  • New Mechanics to the Game Engine - 3
    folwark mechanism
    absorb damage for units behind
    break armor
  • Units and Buildings - 19
    bohe castle
    dark folwark age1
    pole castle
    scen pagan shrine
    slav folwark age2
    slav folwark
    slav wonder bohemians
    slav wonder poles
    hussite wagon
    crusader knight
    hero algirdas
    hero jadwiga
    hero jogaila
    hero kestutis
    hero ulrich
    hero zizka
    winged hussar
    sie houfnice
    Grand Total = 5+6+6+2+3+19 = 41
    Price at Store = INR 265
    Cost for value = 265/41 = 6.46
    (On a positive note this DLC is having the best campaign storyline and design. Controversial Note is that it first time made a unit tagged as unique unit shared by two civs)

Dynasties of India

  • Babur - 5
  • Rajendra - 5
  • Devapala - 5
  • Number of Civs - 3.5
  • New Mechanics to the Game Engine - 6
    pass though damage
    dodge projectiles
    switch melee archer
    garrisoned herdables
    area effect
    UI icon location adjustible
  • Units and Buildings - 22
    elephant archer
    siege elephant
    chakram thrower
    urumi swordsman
    shp thirisadai
    beng castle
    gurj castle
    hind castle
    indi caravanserai
    indi wonder bengalis
    indi wonder gurjaras
    indi wonder hindustanis
    scen minaret of jam
    cam camel scout
    hero araiyan
    hero qutlugh
    hero rajendra chola
    ratha archer
    ratha melee
    shrivamsha rider
    armored elephant
    Grand Total = 5+5+5+3.5+6+22 = 46.5
    Price at Store = INR 265
    Cost for value = 265/46.5 = 5.70
    (This DLC revised a lot of campaigns too such as the prithviraj one is now brand new and large number of asian campaigns and it used the architecture set which was least used, but the negative is that it didn’t complete the set with user interface, ship sails, king or trade cart. And it started the practice of locking a civ for which you can play the campaign in base game in DE)

Return of Rome

  • Sargon of Akkad - 5
  • Pyrrhus of Epirus - 5
  • Trajan - 5
  • Number of Civs - 2
  • New Mechanics to the Game Engine - 1
    revamp the mod mechanism
  • Units and Buildings - 15
    roma castle
    all centurion
    all female villager
    all trade cart
    all trade cart empty
    all heavy catapult
    all heavy cavalry
    all helepolis
    all horse archer heavy idleB
    all legion
    cheat nuke trooper
    cheat winsett black
    cheat winsett white
    cheat zug
    shp dromon
    Grand Total = 5+5+5+2+1+15 = 33
    Price at Store = INR 499
    Cost for value = 499/33 = 15.12
    (On paper this DLC introduces the largest number of civs, everything from AoE1. It perhaps took the highest amount of work to make since importing a game into new engine is no joke. This DLC revamped the mod system breaking a lot of mods. While it introduced new mod facilities it gave rise to equally large number of bugs including possibly the start of path finding issue)

The Mountain Royals

  • Tamar - 5
  • Thoros - 5
  • Ismail - 5
  • Number of Civs - 2
  • New Mechanics to the Game Engine - 2
    moving dropsite, interface cursor added
    relic being able to shoot when garrisoned
  • Units and Buildings - 13
    arme castle
    geor castle
    medi fortified church
    medi wonder armenians
    medi wonder georgians
    misc cart mule
    arc composite bowman
    hero ismail
    hero tamar idleB
    hero thoros
    warrior priest
    Grand Total = 5+5+5+2+2+13 = 32
    Price at Store = INR 899
    Cost for Value = 899/32 = 28.09
    (This DLC was expected to come with a new Architecture Set yet it populated the Mediterranean Set populating it to a staggering high of 8 civs. It was the first general DLC (excluding RoR) which was priced higher than the rest)


Taking the cost for value into account the ranking of the DLCs comes out as follows -

  1. Dynasties of India (5.70) :1st_place_medal:
  2. Dawn of the Duke (6.46) :2nd_place_medal:
  3. Lords of the West (8.31) :3rd_place_medal:
  4. Return of Rome (15.12)
  5. The Mountain Royals (28.09)

What do you think about my analysis? Did I miss any unit/building/mechanic that needs to be mentioned? this was just a thought experiment, one can take his own weighted factor multiplication to the count and the rankings will vary. If you read it all thanks for your time. :slight_smile:


I Like it and agree with your assessment


Not a new mechanic. Exists since the base game. Rams and I believe mangonel as well absorb all arrows from buildings.

Wait. Is Winged Hussar officially tagged as UU? What about Eagle?

You can say aura effect on unit while DOI introduced aura effect on building.

It is called The Mountain Royals.

Garrisoned relic shooting arrow? Building (Mule cart) being able to garrison and heal?

Nope its not the same. Rams and Siege Tower have a feature where they prevent the arrow to be shooted on unit just behind it like a repairer. While Hussite Wagon does not prevent it just absorbs some hits onto itself.

Yes you can check the civilization picking user interface of Lithuanians and Poles, both show it’s portrait.

Both are implemented in the same manner.

Ah right I must have confused it being renamed differently from African Royals. Corrected.

Yes that’s a new mechanism. Added.

That was already possible.

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What do you mean with interface cursor added in The Mountain Royals?
Totally agree with your analysis
Personally I would put DotD higher than DoI just for the campaigns. But any of those two are an excellent example of how a DLC should be done and both changes the game for good IMO.
RoR was a failed experiment but at least we have the Romans (meh).
TMR still is earning its place. The additions are good but I think it could be better. We’ll see.
Looking forward to the next DLC. Not sure if the devs will bring the same recipe or they will bring something new to the table.


The Mountain Royals would’ve been a much better DLC if it had introduced a new architecture set. The Georgians and Armenians not using buildings that look like their real-life buildings is a huge travesty.


Wasnt this present on scorpion and caravel damage? Or you mean melee damage passing through?

I’d add they are also charging it on Steam twice the MS Store price in some regions - which they know and didnt give a **** about it.

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I don’t mind them elevating the DLCs’ costs as long as they’re worthy. The first 3 were amazing, DotD with well connected story, feeling like a 3-part story; India is challenging especially if you do achievements along. RoR is the ultimate fail for me, MR is just pure laziness.
People keep asking more civs, that’s fine idc. But on this thread, I say they should stop doing new civs as well as campaigns for a few years.


you got pictures of what buildings in that area look like?

He has a thread about that.

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I’ve got a bunch of threads, actually. Not just the one linked above this post, but there are other posts from long before we even knew about TMR.

so they would be similar to turks’ building set then? the ones turk currently using I mean since they are close geographically speaking

but then turks dont really got mountains unlike the area MR civs are in

Um, no. Did you look at the pictures? There’s nothing remotely similar between the two, and Caucasian architecture in general is pretty unique.

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i dont see any picture u posted to my reply disabling any block doesnt show any pic either

Oh, well, the thread that the other person linked provided several pictures. You should look at them.

That’s weird. With that logic Eagle should also be UU for Aztecs and Mayans during AOC. Anyway this is an inconsistency from devs I guess.

With that logic Elephant units should also count as UU’s.

It refers to the food/wood/gold/stone icon cursor that shows when you hover over the mule cart to drop resources. Earlier it wasn’t possible to add to any building apart from the dropsites hard-coded.

I mean the ability of Ghulams where he can thrust his spear through multiple units.

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Ahhh, I totally forgot about them :stuck_out_tongue:

I won’t argue with you. But isn’t it same as scorpions? Just attack change from ranged no range.