Event challenges

Herd sheep to a building 7 times in a multiplayer or skirmish match as the French
I cannot do this challenge althought I herd sheep to TC more than 7 times.
Please give me some instructions to finish this challenge.
Thank you in advance!

I’ve also got this issue. I have tried about 10 Skirmish matches with using the herd button on the selected sheep, the Q quick button and the right click. I have done this to both my town hall and 7 other buildings as well as sending them to the town hall with villagers waiting to cull them. I really can’t think of anything else to do.

X3. Even created a custom map with seven sheep. Sent them to mills, TC, mine, and any building type possible.

dont click at the sheep and send it back, this will not work for you.

use the scout and find one sheep, click with the scout at the TC and deliver the sheep.
Now do this for 7 sheeps and you should receive the reward.