Event "None for you" don't get

I tried 2 times on “None for you”: herd 5 sheeps to town center in ranked game.

1st: I herded 3 groups of sheep in total of 10 or so.
2nd: I herded about 6 times of 6 sheeps on by one.

None of above result in completed.
There are many that also don’t get it: please help me. the New event "None for you" it cannot be completed :: Age of Empires IV General Discussions

Do I do wrong way? Or something is wrong?
Please help.

Also, I hope next time there won’t be event that limit in game type (could achieve in all game mode from skirmish to multiplayer both non-ranked & ranked).

Thank you for reporting @Narute00100. The team is aware of an issue when using the Khan.

For other civs, one thing I would try is using the Scout’s “herd to building” action on your starting TC. As far as I know, the Scout must bring the Sheep to the TC; you can’t click on a Sheep and right-click on the TC.

Hope this helps!

I just got this event.

Next time, could you be more detail in how to achieve it if it could be done in more than 1 way like this time?