Event unit skins and accompanying icon

Hi everyone,

I don’t know if this is something that can be addressed by the devs, but, it’d be great to have the accompanying HUD unit icons to go with unit skins acquired during the AOEII events.

I’ve tried to go through all the events of AOE2 and here’s the list that I have:

Cheat units:
Genghis Khan Mangudai skin from “yes we khan” Mongolians event
Teutonic Knights from “put on your capes” Teutons event
Flemish Militia from “grab your pitchforks” Women of History event
Flaming Camels Camel unit skin from “cameleon” Celebrating the Ages event

Other skins:
Amazon Archer Arbalest skin from Summer Jungle event
Roger Bosso Knight skin from LotW event (has no hero aura or regen)
Yodit Gbeto skin from Women of History event
Queen to King from Women of History event
Snowman at Arms from Winter Festival 2020-21 event
Musketeer Hand Cannoneer skin from AOEIII event
Golden Bombard Cannon skin from Greatest Tech event (will there be an update for a golden Houfnice?)

The good old days when events added something useful to the game :frowning:


Do you guys have the new UU of the DotD to put in your profile pic after playing 10 games with each civ? Gray and color?

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No. I don’t see them! :pensive:

They should stop bound the events on restrictions, let the people do they when they want.
I can’t play ever how they need, i have work I have a family and other things to do.
What is this time limited and Xbox required rule to fan have a complete game about icons, cheats and other stuff like mods, well minimum the mods can found in the mod section, that sadly get spammed by the civ builder entries) and finally they unlocked the 256l tech cheat for all, they should unlock all the previous chats that just was able to get during a event. Player icons and other cosmetic stuff is not so relevant.

I hope the Devs add them soon, both versions: grayscale and civ color

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