[Events challenge change] Unlocking linear steps? Slight change to it

The events are good but some people might find some steps of the event to be more difficult than other steps and not necesssarily in the order the devs thought would be more difficult (although it is probably calculated that some in the middle are more difficult to make you grind). This would block them from further progressing in the challanges. So they won’t be able to get any reward further.

My solution is that as soon as you fullfill one of the challenges, you have to wait the 18 hrs, as usual, but then you can choose which step to unlock to progress, and repeat.

Now, this obviously means less grind as well, as someone can give up on the last challange (whichever it might be) but it is unfair to block those people from getting others rewards that they could get.

And because people might be stuck in the challenge they decided too because they unlocked a difficult one, after 18 hrs, it gives you 1 token to unlock one step and blocks the one you choose to do.

This helps people that can’t finish one particular step and also helps people that were a bit late doing it, as they can check from youtube videos which challenges are difficult and decide to do them later (or not do them)