When I see the pub notes, I see that English, Rus, Abbasid, Delhi have some much love that they can make new stragies. And when I see otto changes, they are nothing. No landmark changes or new units. Only nothing. I was hoping that devs makes some changes about Ottomans but no. Ottomans have no strategy. They only spam units with military schools and this the civ play. There is not deep civ play for the player. What can ottoman make ottoman player as a starateji. They can only make military school. If ı miss some aspects, please inform me but when I play with Ottomans, I see only this. I think devs made a huge mistake that making Ottomans relyig on only military schools. Devs think that Ottos have free units and this is enough for them but this is the worst thing as a civ as now they cant change anything becasuse ıf they change it, game blance may be broken. Jans, spahi, great bombard, land marks are still broken as ever. Again I dont claim Ottoman should be strongest but ottomans should have some strategy; giving new tecs, makin some jan, sipahi great bombard rework, some land mark reworks.

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I mean, that is kind of the appeal of Ottoman, right?

They could’ve made the Military Schools a lot more underwhelming, but they went ahead and made something akin to Zergs in Starcraft. You’re right that it plays somewhat onedimensionally, but I don’t think that has to be the case.

It is a younger civilization only recently put out, so strategies I would say aren’t up to par with the other civilizations. Their potential may still be up ahead, and as they stand, they aren’t problematic. Like people say, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

If people continue to not find the civilization engaging because of this however, it could eventually become enough of an issue to be tackled on through a design pass. But, for now, I feel that it still holds lots of untapped potential. It is unlike say, Abbasid, who are suppoused to have many choices, yet mechanically end up going for a very specific order–because the Ottomans were designed with this rush mentality from the get go.

And that is the beauty of having multiple civilizations. I really love Abbasid aesthetically, conceptually, their music and units. But, I would be lying if I said that I enjoyed the diversity of their gameplay over China’s. And that is the beauty, I can play China instead if I enjoy that.

The question becomes, why play Ottoman if you don’t enjoy tunnel vision based rushing? I did notice a turkish I in your post, could it just be because they appeal to you differently? And if so, may I suggest that their gameplay needs not be in line with your view of them, and that you are free to play a civilization whose design does appeal to you?

EDIT: I want to say that the latter part of my post does seem dismissive, but I hope the former part of it made it clear that I think the Ottoman civilization does what they set out to do with it, and right now people still seem engaged.


I like to play other civs as English, Rus. Hre, Delhi, Abbasid and after patch I will play too much with them. They have great changes and believe they give new strateiges for the player. As a Turk, I would like to play with the Ottomans too but I dont like some civ playing elements about Ottomans and I write here now and before. Again this patch is great patch but for Ottomans this patch is nothing. I feel great disapponintment for ottomans.

This patch is focusing primarily on the older civilizations that need much-needed changes, while Ottomans are still quite new and honestly perhaps not ready to make any changes yet.

This doesn’t mean that the Ottomans are perfect not at all, just that you can’t expect the same treatment for them when most focused civilizations are the older ones for this patch.


I wish devs makes ottomans when game released so ottomans can have some love that dont have when released as a civ. Ottomans cant win English, Abbasid, Delhi or whatever with new changes. I think new changes are huge. Miltary schools so spamming units cant save Ottomans. I believe that.

Chinese are also not getting anything substantial.

Its about time Grenadiers receive a buff on their attack range. Their got a massive nerf and went from 4.8 range to 3.0 attack range. This has been a dead unit ever since. Everyone expected Grenadiers to receive a buff now but we were shocked to realise they didn’t.


bro calm down yes ottomans need some improvement but you are overreacting i think their landmarks are fine very usefull only istanbul imperial palace isnt worth to build,i agree with you their unique units needs a work im seeing unfairness at sipahi and grand galley,janissary just needs a health boost,great bombard could be cheaper when i compare it to french canon im feeling unfairnes too with this update french canon probably gonna get area effect attack and it dont need to setup to fire ext.

bro granedie was very very op if they do a single buff to them god knows what happens they need to be tested range shouldnt make so much difference their strenght is area of effect


Brother, what does Sultanhanı landmark bring? Free creation of two merchants and a small amount of gold. What does Mehmet Impeiral Armoury bring? Siege units that are free but take a long time. Ottomans are known as a siege civilization in history and other age of games, but in age of 4, Russians and French are more siege than all civilizations. What kind of siege civilization is the Ottomans? Mehmet Armory doesn’t bring me anything special. In my opinion, this landmark should give buffs to siege units, but it was deemed sufficient to give free units. Istanbul Imperial palace increases the use of vizier points to 9. When we look at the vezir points, the point that brings imam does not bring anything to me, although most people see it as if it brings something. The vezir point that gives free janissaries is the worst in my opinion, because the janissaries are between there and nothing in the game. Other vizier points increase the number of military schools and the speed of unit extraction. What does Seagate castle give? It increases the speed of merchants and gives armor and that’s it. In most games this landmark is not chosen because when we build this castle we have to build other castles on the same trade route line, which is very difficult, so this landmark is not chosen. The janissaries are ridiculously underpowered, the big cannons are underpowered for the money. I think the Ottomans were a very badly designed civilization and it has been released badly, and I see that this patch still doesn’t fix a lot of things that are missing.

I see what you are saying about a one dimensional strategy. The Ottomans have a good deal of stuff, military schools, Mehters, Vizier points etc. What if they break them up and unlock some of them based off building landmarks? Maybe add some other things like Horse Archers. What if the devs replace the Sultanhani Trade Network with a landmark that unlocks the Military School? Sounds like the military school build should be an option for situations and not forced for all games. I agree with you that they need more strategic depth.

By the way, these updates take time. I assume they started working on this patch as soon as Season 3 started so it is kinda impossible for them to have data on how people are playing/receiving the Ottomans at the time they started working on this patch. They are not going to start working on a total rework of a civ a week after it drops. To say the devs hate Ottomans is kinda lame.

Sultanhanı brings 56 gold every minute and that helps you to train more traders so your trade will be very strong and easy to build,Mehmet Impeiral Armoury gives free siege it is amazingly helpfull,i agree french and rus have more siege tech maybe they can improve the building damage of great bombard a little bit.
I agree with you at vizier points some of them is so unnecessary to take like janissary company.
Seagate castle is amazingly good if you go for trade and the bonus traders get lingers like 20 second even if you build just 2 keeps it nearly covers whole trade route and im not talking about the armour it gives to traders i think its amazing.
Devs can buff janissary with their eyes closed because mostly nobody trains them so buffing them wont gonna break the game so i agree with you on janissary.They actually designed it very good but they failed at unique units a little bit.

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Upcoming update will give so many buffs to the other civs, Sultanhanı trade landmark, seagate castle, mehmet imperial armory wont be enough for the Ottomans. Other Civs have upgrade tecs that ottomans dont have so Ottomans can spam units but other civs can upgrade units with techs and can easly beat Ottomans. Free units arent solution for making Ottomans civ. I believe that no body choose ottomans as ottomans are so boring and predictable. We will see that after the patch.

Ottoman is one of the strongest civ right now based on statistic and one, if not the best, in term of gameplay variety…
Litterraly all 3 choices from your first vizir point are viable depending of your build order.

Peaple from this forum are insanley biased toward ottoman, happily this is not the case for abassyde because from the begining there are one way to play them and we don’t see a thousend of topic about that.


My main civ is Ottoman and I love them. I personally believe they are in a good position, and as mentioned above they are a new and a fresh civ.


What’s mali new strategy?

Ottoman is one of the best civ and the first vizier point to invest open to a three distinct strategies…

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As I said I dont agree with you. Vizer points are lame. After patch, you play other civs and Ottomans. I am sure Ottomans wont be choosen. Spamming free units arent my play style. Spamming free units isnt a strategy. All of old civs will have good techs but Ottomans dont have any unique unit upgrade techs. I am so sure they will …up.

If you like unique technologies, maybe you should play Abbasid. Although I would say that the Ottoman Vizier point system is a lot more interesting than the Golden Age, personally.


everybody ottomans are good people dont use janissary buffing them wont gonna damage the balance or lowering the price of grand galley (nobody builds them for their high price) they should remove the ability for them to turn into military schools nobody uses it.Otherwise ottomans are top 2 civ after mali they are really strong right now or the people who play them are really good players

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Choosing to invest in buildings that give you free units is the definition of strategy :sweat_smile:

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You dont have another choice so you have to. This is not a strategy.:rofl::rofl::rofl: