Every Playable Unit Archetype Chart (Update 47581)

Here’s a quick reference guide for which units fit within each unit category. I tried to be as straightforward as possible, but there a lot of units that weirdly fall within two categories or don’t fall into any category or are mistagged.
Units highlighted in Orange are Hero units, units highlighted in Red are siege units(siege troopers, etc.) and units with an * near them imply that they appear in two distinct categories. For example: Gatling Camels are both Light Ranged Cavalry AND Artillery units.

I hope someone finds this useful. If I missed anyone or there is some mistake, please let me know.


Could you point out a few interesting finds in your data. Like wrong tags, suspriaing tags,etc.

Most units are where you would expect them.

Some oddities are:

  • The Brahmin, Llanero and Lazerbear which are tagged as cavalry, but not heavy cavalry or light cavalry, just cavalry.
  • Jagunços and Mounted Granaderos on the other hand are both heavy and light cavalry at the same time.
  • Harquebusier, Hakkapeliitts and Oromo Warriors are both Hand and Ranged Heavy Cavalry, which is unusual, but understandable. The Rifle Rider however is the only unit in the game that is just Heavy Ranged Cavalry.
  • On the flip side Berber Camel Riders and Vaqueros are both Hand and Ranged Light Cavalry, there are no Hand Light Cavalry units in the game.
  • The Haudenosaunee Tomahawk(the native ally one, not the main civ one) is the only infantry unit that is tagged both as Hand and Ranged at the same time. Not even the Haudenosaunee’s Tomahawks(the main civ ones, not the native ally) which is basically identical is tagged in such a way.
  • Comancheros, Cowboys, Vaqueros, Llaneros, Jagunços and Mounted Granaderos are all tagged differently despite being basically the same unit with different stats.
  • Envoys aren’t neither villagers, healing units, infantry or cavalry. (This is going to be fixed in the upcoming November Update)
  • Ninjas are Heavy Infantry, while Howdah Elephants are Light Cavalry. While this makes sense within the game’s logic, it seems really weird.

Tags are out of control in aoe3…