Everyone in Redbull Qualifiers is banning HRE

Watching Redbull now. Almost everyone is banning HRE :rofl:


so I can abuse the great French

It’s more entertaining this way, at least for me.

Everyone I get matched against Is just playing hre. I can’t even dodge because of the penalty. Whatever fix they do will take atleast a few weeks to arrive.

Yeah I doubt they gonna fix anything. It was already known how well HRE did in previous patch and nothing changed regarding PuP

btw it’s bugged.

In RB some rules applied to prevent bag abusing.
they had one re-match cause bug abuse.

What bug? ___________

prelate can buff +80% with some manipulations smth like that

Wait for new china to get banned. People haven’t abused new china yet.

Yeah there is a prelate bug and they were over buffed anyway. Beasty reached imp at 9:22. Busted civ


The game will definitely be ruined by players like you


the question is, why we play PUP if they dont change anything? its just ridiculous


What I want to say is that this civ is deformed which needs to be prudently adjusted but not simply buff or nerf.

Just like the Mongol which rely on tower, Chinese which once rely on FL.
Abnormal, uncomfortable, that’s what you could feeling when you were playing those civs. As well as HRE. That’s why I prefer French or English much more.
HRE has amazing economic development speed, and sickly eager for relics, and everyone known these. What they would do is to desperately attack in early game and do everything can take to block you from relics.

I’m not advocating that all civilizations should be similar, I hate that in fact.
However, characteristic not means deformed! You could continue to adjust its landmarks, or give it more distinctive arms. By the way, there is a corps named landsknecht which seems be forgotten by Relic. But do not buff its economic advantage again, that will only lead to more deformities.

Exactly. Whats the point of having something to test and get player feedback if very little of it matters or not at all. Only reason why PuP exists is because players asked for it and its for devs to create a illusion that they want the feedback before things go live

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Idk, a lot of people like to play HRE because of the civ design,
Its the favourite civ of many players.
They are quite fun to play right now, but they do need some toning down.
I definitely understand the changes since the devs wanted the civ uniqueness and bonuses to be explored more.
Prelates now are much more useful with armies(a bit too useful rn), garrisoning relics in buildings are also being more used too.

Its design still OK for me, not like the early design about Chinese which was an absolutely disaster.
In my option, what is needed now is to adjust slightly, like appropriately nerf HRE’s excessive economy and buff its flexibility and survivability, which can make this civ develop more smoothly.

i try to play 2-3 games everyday, and everyday i have to dodge HRE. that means i get the timeout thing just because i dont want to get steamrolled by low level HRE lamers. which means, i dont get to play any ranked games. good job. i try to keep my options open, i havnt banned any maps. if only it was possible to ban civs instead of maps.

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That’s relic balance at its best.

This is fun because, in Season 1 hre was the worst for two months and more ans these players who love the civ design suddendly disappeared. People are just exploiting bugs. They don’t Care about the civ spec and art, exsctly liké french being 20% picked. I main hre and stopped to play it in S2 because of this : half ladder spam it like monkeys. Ruining all the meta and taunting you while you are fairplay.

the point is that the game is unbalanced by design so there no middle point that one civ can have certain advantage on a early or late stage of a match without being overpowered