Everything will break out on 28.10.2021!


Everything will break out on 28.10.2021.
It will be a beauty but also a hard fight.

But I can’t forgive myself the idea of ​​what nations will increase in time to AoE 4 !!

You must have thought about that, too.
And some players will miss different nations.

I think that 8 civilizations is a decent result for a start.
But the game will definitely be expanded with new civilizations, new content and more.

And now you can each express which civilizations you would like to have in the game in the future and what unique unit a given civilization could have.

I believe that developers must work on other civilizations at this time to ensure balance and diversity.

I’m excited where the game can move over time …

My vision for the future:

  • Aztecs - unit: I don’t know
  • Vikings- unit: a strong warrior with two axes.
  • Japan- unit: samurai, of course
  • Egyptian Empire-unit: military carriage with a bow and for close combat with a spear
    -Byzant Empire- unit: Heavy Ride (Cataprahs)
    -Spanish Empire- unit: Sagittarius with a musket on horseback or Sagittarius with a musket as a ground unit

Personally, these other civilizations would be enough for me.
And who would you like to see in AoE4?


Didn’t you just make a forum post similar to this? :eyes: not too long ago

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Where he gave us his PC specs? No, that was just a sneak peek to warm us up!


Some opinions, though I don’t know much history around the civs to say much.

  • Aztecs can easily be the most unique since they don’t follow the typical medieval military style. No cavalry especially. So I’d expect lots of unique units from them all wielding the weapons Aztecs used to use
  • Vikings won’t be a thing, they’re out the timeline. I’m expecting to see Danes instead. I don’t know much about Dane history to tell what unique unit they could have but I’d expect the two-handed Dane Axe.
  • Japan. Samurai is the most obvious unique unit for them and they could easily be made unique because Samurai didn’t wield the katana as their primary weapon. I’d like to see them use a bow or naginata polearm.
  • Egyptian Empire. I don’t know enough about Egypt in the middle ages to tell.
  • Byzantine Empire. Cataphract is a given. But that doesn’t have to be all. Byzantines also had cav archers, infantry that used bows and switched to melee for battle. And for water they definitely need a ship that fires Greek Fire, or an upgrade that ships fire Greek Fire when close enough to enemy ships.
  • Spanish Empire. Sagittarius is Greek, doesn’t fit the name of a Spanish unit at all. But some sort of a unique Arquebusier would fit but not on horseback. What would also fit is a Jinete / Genitour, perhaps as an anti-light cav and anti-archer light horseman

Now a civ I’d love to see are:

  • Turks. Starting out as Seljuks and becoming Ottoman Empire by Castle Age.
    I’d love to see Cavalry Archers, Sipahi heavy cav, Janissaries who start out with bows but in Imp get an upgrade for Arquebuses. Perhaps some sort of a musician unit that buffs Janissaries in combat. And obviously The Great Turkish Bombard, an expensive but powerful siege cannon. And I’d like to see them have Galleys with cannons as their warships.

Well, I’m your guy.

The Danes (after the Viking era of their history) unified under what the Frank’s called kings, although we don’t have a definitive answer on what the rulers were called. The Danes were also christianized around the early 900s, leading up to their modernization. Written documents show that Denmark (with it’s proximity to the HRE) began adopting things such as pikes, artillery, walled cities, and even royalty.

For a time, all was calm in the Danish Kingdom as they slowly grew closer to nearby cultures. They built up their strength and diplomatic influence to the point where all of Scandanavia united under Queen Margaret I. The Queen saw Denmark as the superior nation in this alliance. This subsequently led to Sweden leaving and joining the union continuously.

Eventually, there was a civil war leading up to Denmark and Norway being the lone members. This is when Denmark adopted pike and shot, and where AoE4’s history ends.

The units the Danes would have is probably two-handed axe infantry, some sort of Germanic polearm, and some sort of two-handed sword infantry. The Kingdom of Denmark was very similar to the HRE at this time period unfortunately, so the time period would have to be quite conservative.

The only way the devs could successfully implement a unique Danish faction would be them from the 800s to the 1300s. In the dark age they would have primitive two-handed axe infantry (raider). In the second age they would get longships, a naval transport that holds 30 men. They would also have access to a sort of berserker unit. In the third, they would probably be in the conversion time period. This means their berserkers would change durastically from an axe shock troop to a sword-wielding MAA type unit. The raiders would most likely switch to a polearm with a blade. In the fourth age, their christianization, they would unlock monasteries and religious units very late. Berserkers would be completely transformed into an elite MAA. Raiders would turn to some sort of heavy polearm unit with a halberd or a billhook.

The cavalry of the Danes would be very limited. They would most likely have the basic horsemen and a unit with shields and swords. They would both be unlocked later than most civs and lack until the latter age. I think it’d be cool to have a raiding civ that transforms over time into a heavy-armored shock civ.

Never underestimate the curb appeal of the Norse and Vikings. They are a perennial back pocket Hail Mary.

AoEO and AoM


Yeah, you’re right, the Turkish nation, which I would also like.
I forgot about you