Exalted Flaming Arrow

Exalted Flaming Arrow 30 range
Exalted Flaming Arrow improvement now also grants +2 range and line of sight,
This is for the sake of treaty balance, but it is too cheap under the action of miracle and shipping.
Lightcannon against infantry * 2. 32 range. Flammingarrow against infantry * 3. 30 range. There is only a difference of 2 ranges, but compared with Light cannon,Flaming Arrow anti infantry * 1
And it has higher health and attack power than haudenosane’s light cannon.
It is unlike the Indian siege elephant (Exalted siege elephant improvement now also grants + 2 range and line of sight, which is correct) because the cost and population are high, It will not cause great lethality to infantry like Flaming Arrow. Indians also have no other powerful anti artillery forces.
But the Japanese have Yabusame, against artillery * 7. 18 range( It turned out to be 8 attack ability, against artillery * 8. 8 * 8 = 64, now 9 attack ability, against artillery * 7. 9*7=63。 nothing has changed.) Shipping increases counter artillery by * 1
Although Yabusame is expensive, he is very convenient and fast to deal with artillery.
Flaming Arrow is so versatile, cheap, anti infantry, anti artillery, anti ship, no packing,No problem attacking buildings.
The Exalted flaming Arrow should not have a 30 range. The Japanese infantry and cavalry are very powerful in the later stage.The 28 range of the flaming arrow is reasonable.
Recommended exalted flag arrow 28 range. He’s too cheap。There shouldn’t be 30 range.

They are lousy units, somewhat decent at killing other artillery, but I’d never use them against infantry.

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They are comprehensive but not proficient. But there are many of them. They are too cheap and easy to use. At 30 range, it will be much better than haudenosane’s light cannon. There shouldn’t be a big gap between them.

Massing them is almost a guaranteed loss to any cav or culverin switch. They are really bad units in any sort of decent skill match.


I agree with moonshadow7475 here, but let´s clear things out, i don´t have all stats at hand but i´ll try to cover the basic stuff. First, they both are a cannon-culverin hybrid but flaming arrow is more focused on being a cannon and light cannon on being a culverin, to make this not so long i´ll try to not make points in everything; flaming arrows have 50% more damage vs infantry by multipliers (3/2) and 66% or 44% more dmg to ships (5/3 or 6.5/4.5) but light cannons have 50% more dmg to buildings (3/2) and 33.33% more damage to artillery (2/1.5 and i´m not sure if the x1.5 mult of FA are with tech or if they removed it). FA have like 7% more overall atk that gets reduced to +4% over time, and FA do have more hp by about 28% more but it is harder for the FA to get all its bonuses, because LC have 3 cards, 2 in age II and 1 in age III but FA have 1 in age III, but needs japanese consulate, golden pavilion wonder on hp and daimyo and shogun near all the time, so it might not sound like much, but if you are on age III wich is most likely, you only have 2 wonders, you might use the bonus for +10% attack instead, you send a card in age III for ONLY FA +20% hp while with Hauds you have the same age III card but +15% hp AND +15% atk wich is more useful for art AND affects ALL your artillery, and you need age IV for shogun and the daimyo might not be out, be killed or not be close, so it´s way harder that the FA gets all its bonuses, and LC have 4 more range, i mean i don´t know if you´re talking about treaty but in SUP you get 30 range in age V wich is quite rare that you get to age V and if you do, then probably you will have better eco than japan, so it´s almost always 4 more range for LC but even with 30 range it´s 2 more range wich is really something, in art battles you can snipe other art with 2 more range and immediately get back to charge another shot if you haven´t kill them already because you shooted earlier, so even if they shoot you instead of 3 FA woould be 1 FA so it´s way less, AND one of the reasons FA are not that good is because they need like 0.5 sec to charge the shot, while other art just fire immediately, and when it´s charging shot if you change the objective they just lose that shot because the FA just buggs and disappears and you have to wait another 6 seconds, and yes, they are 15% cheaper but LC can be 3 pop with a card! and if you are talking about treaty that makes them have like 30% more damage and a little more hp so it´s better, PLUS FA bonuses are vulnerable and destroyable, you just siege their wonder in a base raid and they start to downgrade; when they nerf FA i honestly felt good because they needed that range, i mean, 30-32 range would be good but i think 30 it´s ok, and the x1.5 vs art because before it had just 2 more range than cannon wich is not good for a half-culv unit and the same range than rockets, GB, HC, Flying crows, etc. and with that charging shot they just lose despite being a half-culv, and culvs and LC just killed them before they did anything, so i´m not saying they are trash but they are not OP neither really good or great, they are decent, OK, maybe a little good, and the changes were perfect, the only thing missing imo is that they fix somehow the bugged shot :slight_smile:

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Well, it’s really bad. So that Japanese players generally build a lot.

They are very easy to counter.


Please read my post carefully. The Japanese have a powerful anti artillery unit, Yabusame
It seems that Flaging Arrow is not needed to counter artillery. Of course, it has the function of anti artillery, but it is not powerful.
But he is very cheap and light, no packing, all-round,which is his advantage.
A large number of Flaging Arrows can put pressure on the enemy.
Compared with Light Cannon, it has the same price and will be cheaper in the later stage. There is only 2 range measurement gap, but it is better than light cannon in all directions. Do you think it’s balanced?
Does Haudenosane have a powerful anti artillery unit?

So essentially you want to take away the niche of s niche unit.

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If there is a balance problem, flaming arrow is not it.

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Then i don´t think i understand how are you justifying the -2 range. I mean, you are saying FA are too OP, why do you say that? you say they have 30 range wich is unfair in addition to having “more attack, hp, +1 multiplier vs inf and are very cheap” but i already told you in treaty population cost >> resources cost, so FA might cost almost 20% less, but you can have 33% more LC wich essentially gives LC +33% hp and atk, so it ends up being better, and also FA take longer to fire, and their shot gets bugged sometimes, like longbows, it might sound great in paper but they are not that good, they are worse than LC as a culv and are supposed to be better vs inf but with a 6 seconds recharge and slow, bugged shot, and only a 2 area attack it´s really not worth it for anti-inf, just for culv usage, wich LC are better at, and the yabusame are a little redundant, you use FA because cannons are normally on the back, so by using yabusame you need to get close to the army too much and you get exposed to all skirm fire and even melee inf and they are not magical either, they get huge multiplier but because they deal ranged damage wich cannons resists 4 times more, so they kill them fast but you need like 10 of them and a not so short time, i´m not saying they are bad, but it´s not like they were OP because of a large multiplier (plus, it´s only a little better than goons vs art). And i just wanted to clarify that not because siege elephants are population heavy and costly means they automatically are not good, it´s just proportional, they are actually quite good, wouldn´t say they reach OP levels but yeah, are very good. Now, i honestly want to help make an understament between what i think and what you think, but i´ve backed my arguments with facts, numbers and percentages, and yet you still repeating FA are too powerful, and repeating his small advantages by overlooking their weaknesses and real scenarios, also ignoring context, so i don´t know what i am not saying or what you don´t understand that i´m ignoring something or overlooking something?

The Flaming arrow is easy to use. If they are bad, why do they become the most common and many units for Japanese players?

First, cavalry archers are affected a little less by range than goons for example, that´s because cav archers need a 0.5-1 sec animation to deal damage and deal a 1.5 rof attack, so for example port goons have the same range, dont have almost any attack animation time and deal a 3 second attack damage, and WWs also have 18 range yet is not that good because of attack animation time and lower speed (cav archers speed is almost the same as WWs too) so 18 range for yabusame is better than cav archer´s 14 but not THAT much better. The highest anti artillery, yes, but it´s only 2 times the damage that goons and other units deal and 2 times is quite a lot but light cav is not considered that much of a counter to art, to counter art you make culvs, sometimes heavy cav, and you use light cav in some ocasions but it´s very rare and they don´t kill cannons quickly because of cannon range resist, so the 2 times multiplier just makes them from not being a really viable counter to art to being kind of a counter to art. And the highest defense also yes, but you are missing that cav archers have massive hp for a “goon” unit, for example tartar loyalists have 622.75 hp while yabusame have at best 484 hp if shogun is around and with golden pavilion on hp so even with that loyalists have about 28.667% more raw hp, having way more melee hp and even more hp vs cannons because cannons ignore range resists so cannons can still kill yabusame faster than cav archers, and yabusame with their resist have about 41% more hp, but they cost about 44.57% more and that´s huge, and they deal a little less damage, and if you say that they are meant to kill cannons then yes, they die faster because they get exposed, they need to get close, cannons have 26 range, some 28, so 18 range is 70% or less than that, so they need to travel that 30% and by that you are having tea with the enemy´s skirms and halberdiers etc.

I don´t say they are weak, and less that they are very weak, i say they are stong, they used to be very strong but now they are just strong, but just by being strong doesn´t mean all their things are strong or even OP, japan is well rounded, they have strong options almost for everything but in some things they are a bit behind.

I really don´t play japan that much, specially not now, they are my favorite civ in treaty, but as they are not that strong in treaty i´m playing with other civs and getting used to the changes of all civs, but now i´m playing more SUP so in SUP i like japan and they are probably one of my favs but not my fav, and i rarely used them, and i think i never used japan civ in multiplayer, not even in casual games, i prefer to use other civs in SUP.

When you mass flaming arrows they are great against infantry. You only really need them to kill cannons and skirms to keep Ashi safe. If there is something they can’t handle then you can run away.

running away with flaming arrows? they have 3 speed.

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